If you are plagued with crashing on iOS: try logging out of Game Center

For a year+ every time I start the game, it crashes on the loading screen. Yesterday I accidentally tapped the Game Center banner and I noticed the crashes usually happen right around when it appears. So I signed out. I haven’t crashed since.

A problem is now every time I start up Game Center fills the screen and begs me to log in, I’m trying to see how to disable that. Anyway if you were crashing a lot at startup, try this. It doesn’t fix “GoW stops your music every time you start it” though, apparently that’s a Unity bug.


  1. Can you get the devs to look at the code around Game Center login?
  2. Does GoW need Game Center integration? Has any human in the history of Earth used it except by accident?

I think I used it somehow, once. I reinstalled the game and GoW somehow knew my account details. I assume it was from Game Center. But I would totally support getting rid of the pop up that seems to happen every single time the game hits my screen.