Is Palooza possible during GW?

If yes, this is going to be a disaster. Please fix while you still have time @Saltypatra

No, see the patch notes.

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Thank you! I hope this works fine without a glitch.

Where do you see a note about guildwars?
Guildwars is PVP.

It isn’t, PvP is what you get when pressing the PvP button. Palooza spawns gnomes in all places than can regularly spawn gnomes, guild events aren’t among them.


I hope so.
But as the GW is connected to PVP-mode, I really pray that it will work without gnomes.

This is correct & I hope it works out that way…but I can’t help feeling there’s a potential for disaster here. Mainly because the other modes where gnomes don’t appear (world events, delves, class events, pet rescues, ect) ALL have separate “team lists”, in that you cant have & change them in your team slots, the only place you see them is when you do the event.
Guild Wars is not like that, your GW teams only come from your team slots.
I don’t know if it is even possible for devs to “simulate” GW when testing.

Since Bugdate 5.6 everything is possible.

Time for a precautionary bug report?

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GW is already different than PvP in that no gnomes spawn in GW while you have gnomes in PvP. Of course, it’s always possible for devs to break something, but I’m guessing the code that prevents regular gnomes from showing up in GW before 5.6 will also prevent GAP gnomes in 5.6.

I wouldn’t worry about it, but we’ll have to wait and see :smiley:

I’d like confirmation from the devs that it can’t mess up GW.

Will be a total disaster if this hasn’t been tested properly :laughing:

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gremes, can the band gnomes spawn in all other places than GW, Arena outside a vault event, like now? Sorry drunk so dont blame my bad worddings

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Yes, they can still be triggered outside of Vault events.

  • While Gnome-a-Palooza is active, 4 random Gnomes will appear in all PvP, Quest, Challenge, and Explore Battles.

From the patch notes. One would assume it won’t affect GW, but this is still uncharted territory for normal players :upside_down_face:

sorry my bad english. I was wondering, can they spawn outside a palooza is active, when its not a vault event?

Guild Wars is already going to suck if they don’t fix the AI skull/mana issue.


Yes they can, but they are very rare outside of Vault event.

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I can confirm that I personally tested GWs and Gnome-a-palooza did not affect GWs at all. Even if you have a palooza crafted and enter Guild Wars, your enemy troops will not be replaced by gnomes.

Hope this helps


The Gnome-a-Palooza is a permanent addition to the soulforge. Vault weekends just make finding the band gnomes easier.

You can craft a Gnome-a-palooza now, next week, next month, whenever but regardless it starts immediately on crafting, can not be paused or stored and only applies to:

Overworld Quest lines, Explores, Challenges, Adventure Board, Casual and Ranked Pvp, Arena.

Delves, Dungeons, GWs and event battles are not affected by the Palooza


Bugdate 5.6 is so awesome that maybe we see a Zuul’Gnome kill us instantly on Guild Wars. :sunglasses:

Darn. Was hoping for a bug where all opponents in GW were replaced by band gnomes. FINE! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I could’nt think of a worse scenario.
Some random in Bracket 12: “I wonder if that would work” Tries it and it works