Gnome-A-Palooza preview discussion

Continuing the discussion from Gems of Streaming - Lyrian’s synopsis of the 5.6 preview:


  • 4 new gnome units, from the gnome band Mana Surge.
    • Names: Baz Bonebeater, Cindi Savagelips, Freddi Fretfiddler, Hoagi Humbucker (credit: Neritar)
  • Drops verses when defeated (1 unique verse per band member).
  • Combine the four verse pieces in the Soulforge to create a Gnome-A-Palooza.
  • 4 Gnomes (except Cedric, pet gnome in only in PvP) will then spawn in ALL battles that can spawn gnomes for the next 15 minutes.
  • All gold earned is doubled while Gnome-A-Palooza is active.
  • Gnome-A-Palooza is a single-player event.
  • Players may stack multiple 15 minute sessions (there will be a display bug at launch if more than 1 hour of duration is stacked, but does not affect the functionality of the event or the time awarded).
  • New music plays while the Gnome-A-Palooza is active.
  • A timer with the remaining time left in Gnome-A-Palooza will appear on the World Map.
  • Band member gnome spawn rate is lower than other gnomes (normal spawn rate during Gnome-A-Palooza)
  • Minor Glitch: Hero is not replaced by a gnome in PvP, but the player will earn 4 gnomes’ worth of prizes.


And read the following replies that predict bad things. Let’s continue it here rather than in official “Gems of Streaming” thread. Just my 2 cents:

  • The Vault weekend event is the best time to collect verses, we all know about Explore level I with 2 Ironhawks and 2 Dust Devils;
  • After getting at least 1 full set of verses you can go to the Soulforge to craft “Gnome-A-Palooza” which will last 15 minutes for every set, now the question: is it really reasonable to create many GAPs instead of just one? If Gnomes will be popping out in big quantities, then there are high chances to meet our precious Pet Gnome, and the first one caught will grant a Pet Rescue for 1 hour, which leads to:
    • useless Pet Gnomes which will come within this hour;
    • spending precious time of the GAP for rescuing a pet - or, of course, finishing GAP firstly, then quickly rescuing that pet, that’s why you won’t need more that 1 GAP at a time;
    • after catching a Pet Gnome in PvP or cPvP, the best way IMO will be to go to Explore level 1 with the fastest team and get the max out of the GAP.
  • How good will be the GAP not during the Vault event? Worse rewards, no chances to get Vault keys. Just for catching one Pet Gnome? Only if you can afford it for all those precious verses.

It all sounds too good to be true and I’m totally expecting the other shoe to drop. Like no verses drop during the 15 mins or no vault keys etc. or the drop rates of verses is so low you would need 100 hours of explore just to find a single one.

But of course there will be flash offers for them for $50 each.


Only differenace in drop during Vault event is increased chance for Vault keys to drop… but that doesn’t mean:

  • you will get worse rewards
  • you wont have a chance to get a VK

ofc, you will miss these extra few from tracker… and that’s probably the biggest differance

One argument for using gnome-a-palooza outside Vault event is simple:
You use it, whenever you are 100% that you’ll have 15 minutes to farm it. Any day any hour. Some people (like me) play mainly during week, with limited time for playing over weekends.

About stacking GAP’s:
Band member gnome spawn rate is lower than other gnomes.
That’s probably main blocker for it.
Another option i see is ‘streakiness’ of gnomes - you might be unlucky with seeing one or two of 4 gnomes and as such be missing that last 1 verse to craft it.

Wondering what are the other ingridients of this SF receipe… 100k souls maybe? 10 underground treasures? :rofl: This might be another bottle-neck or “resource sink” :wink:

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I fast forwarded the stream today and saw no other ingredients used when it was forged, so let’s hope it stays that way…

And it’s going to be the mother of all shoes.

Let’s look at this a little more in detail. The way Gnome-A-Palooza was previewed it’s basically a self sustaining gnome engine. You’ll get roughly 50 battles out of one, at 4 gnomes each, which seems a high enough number to get several follow-up Gnome-A-Palooza ready.

Most of those 50 battles will have a Glory Gnome, for (200 + 500 + 1000) / 3 = 567 glory on average. Eyeballing that a bit it’s roughly 20k glory, or roughly 200k glory for slaughtering gnomes for 3 hours. 200k glory is the average amount you need to pull a mythic from glory chests, plus a lot of other troops and traitstones. And that doesn’t even take the other gnome types into account, e.g. the half a million souls from Soul Gnomes.

A somewhat dedicated player could get an almost perfect end game roster in two weeks tops, the farm bots guaranteed to sprout like mushrooms would probably only require a few days. I just can’t see it happening.


  • IP2 understands the game mechanics even less than we’ve always feared, they’ll shut down the game and move on to PQ3 once they realize that almost their whole player base has left after quickly completing the collection process that used to take several years.
  • The “lower” spawn rate for band members is really an “about once in a lifetime” spawn rate, like 1 for each 10000 gnomes.
  • The Gnome-A-Palooza recipe consumes a highly limited crafting component, like a Heart of Rage or a Pet Gnome Bait.
  • The Gnome-A Palooza recipe has a high cooldown, like once per campaign.
  • Gnome drops are supposed to get nerfed to maintain the current net payout, e.g. Glory Gnome will go from 200/500/1000 glory to 2/5/10 glory.
  • This is actually the April Fools joke of 2018, it just took them slightly longer to roll it out.

It seems ‘too good to be true’ to be able to save up several GAPs-worth of verses to use whenever you want, as well – or have I misunderstood the concept?

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Fully expect this. IMHO, their drop rate are probably 3times lower or even much much lower, than ordinary gnomes.

That’s proven to not be true

That’s also not true. Heck it was even officialy stated that it can be stacked up.

Doubt it.


If anything I’d assume, these gnomes will spawn rarely enough, that completing full set of verses will take weeks for average player. And even those who will go heavily into farming gnomes, won’t see their 1st G-A-P before next Vault Week (because spawn rates will be so low…).
Turning this thing on, will guarantee gnome each battle, but how many of them, will you see in 15 minutes?

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50 battles * 4 gnomes = 200 gnomes for anybody familiar enough with farming.

So we would only get 5 follow-up Gnome-A-Palooza instead of 20 every time we run one?

This was one my first thoughts, because it feels insanely too good, but would have a great impact on the games economy. Let’s go out with a bang type of solution.

Or this, what better way to do it, than from behind the chakabaluuza. You can’t just nerf them without pointing at something, the playerbase is already on edge. So they will let it go on maybe couple of months and after people have cooled down from lyca, booom nerfnerf! I hope none of this is true :thecatfromshreklookingupcutely:

IMO, you will be lucky if those 200 gnomes will get you at least 1 G-A-P as a follow up.
You might be unlucky and none of these 200 will be “band gnomes” that give verses.
I highly expect that getting multiple copies of 1 or 2 verses will be permament state for most players. Always missing at least 1 verse and having like 50-100 copies of other verses. Untill some week they will get like 10 missing verses in a row.

I’d assume that getting G-A-P is like getting VKs outside of vault event. It’s possible, but RARE.

So i ask you @Fourdottwoone , how many gnomes do you currently encounter during your 50 d1 explore battles in 15 minutes? That’s estimated number of Band gnomes which you will get during G-A-P… You will get LOADs of gnomes during G-A-P, but these 4 band gnomes will be as rare, as getting a gnome in 15 minutes now(without that update).
At least that’s how I understand what’s written about their spawn rates.

The math doesn’t work out, no matter which way you put it. If you need to get lucky to get 1 GAP out of 200 gnomes it means that almost no player will see one within the next years. If you don’t need to get lucky to get 1 GAP out of 200 gnomes it means you’ll never run out again once you’ve started your first one. Under the revealed conditions it’s a kickstart issue that boils down to a binary result, GAP will either be never or always on.

Are Beta testers allowed to share here whether they’re excited about this feature? :crossed_fingers:

Also: how will GAP affect Arena?
:thinking: :vulcan_salute:


Or maybe just whether this has even been shown to beta testers?

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That’s not how statistics works… You might be guaranted to spawn let’s say 5-10 band gnomes during those 50 battles. But that doesn’t guarantee that you will get full set and get 4 different verses to spawn event… And seeing as RNG can be streaky, you can assume such things will happen here also. So:

That’s false. It’s probably possible to get enough verses for extra GAP during GAP, but i doubt it will happen each time…

This is exactly how statistics work. Any single isolated instance of “unlucky” or “lucky” doesn’t matter the slightest, it’s only about averages on large numbers. If you can get the average of one GAP out of a GAP you’ll “never” run out, just like you’ll “never” miss out on the monthly mythic if you can collect the average amount of required keys to pull one. The quotation marks around “never” are due to streaks during initialization.

Which would mean that you need to farm a much higher number than 200 gnomes on average. Then there won’t be any GAP at all for all practical purposes, because it takes most players years to farm those initial 1000 or so gnomes.


That’s what I expect. they wont show up, until a Vault Event pops up and helps generate at least 1 GAP.
Some will get them, most will not.
After that there won’t be snowball effect at all. ofc, some players might get enough verses for another 1-2 GAPs, but rates MUST be low enough that you won’t be able to guaratee relooping yourself with GAP…
thing is, we don’t know exact spawn rates for band gnomes - only that they are ‘lower’ than other gnomes, and that they’ll be ‘normal’ during GAP…

I’m not a native English speaking person, but I understood Oz at 29:30 that the rate at what gnomes are appearing is the same, only that the fight will spawn 4 gnomes instead of 1. Which means… you can go 10 fights without a gnome and then have 4 instead of 1 gnome.

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That would actually make a lot of sense, maybe the summary got that part wrong? :thinking:

I think watching the stream gave us the answer: 1 gnome out the 4 will have a very low droprate. So, the other 3 verses will accumulate up, but getting that 4th verse will be like pulling teeth.
I have a more daunting question: How are we supposed to get these gnomes for our collection?
Because if the answer is vault keys, we better have a way to farm them. Not a chance in hell you can get these gnomes to mythic by drops the way vault drops work now. They keep adding the Tarot cards (which you need to find the True Name of an Elder God and recite it under a full moon during the Solstice to get it to drop) AND the Heart Of Rage… and now you want to put 4 additional gnomes into the one place that it is near impossible to get them?
It’s time for Gnomes to have their own kingdom, so at least, maybe once a year, you can get those cards for your collection.


It might be two different pools. There seems to be a “standard gnome and valraven” pool that has maybe a 20% chance to get hit and a “campaign legendary” pool that has maybe a 1% chance to get hit.