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Is Ketras the Bull worth event keys?

Hes being serious too :wink:

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Personally I agree very strongly with Idle. You hit a point where outside of forge, event keys are useful for hunting mythics you are missing. I actually skipped getting undine in forge last week since by the time next week rolls around I’ll have at least 800 event keys and even if I don’t pull him, I’ll grab him next forge cycle. Getting ketras back when the tauros legend came out felt great.

Outside of collective purposes and dopamine urges, ketras is a legitimately good mythic. His damage can still one shot, he works great with multiple mythics, and he even synergizes with his troop type.
As for competitive modes, I use him frequently in GW and pvp.

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I’m going to go with yes. I absolutely adore Ketras, and I think it’s a really strong mythic when in the right team.

OP here.

I’m much less experienced than many of you, so maybe my thinking on event keys is flawed.

Here’s 6 uses I came up with, in my order of importance:

1 Obtain an important game changing legendary I don’t have

2 Obtain a good mythic I will use often

3 Obtain a good legendary I don’t have

4 Ascend troops to help power the kingdom

5 Obtain a mediocre legendary I don’t have

6 Ascend a good troop that I use often

I have 7 mythics and am missing 10 legendaries, 2 of which are imps. Listed in top post.

Using gem, guild, and glory chests, I expect to eventually get all legendaries. So when a new legendary comes out, unless it’s fantastic I don’t care much about getting it right away.

When using event keys for #2 in hope of getting a mythic, I can save some event keys for #1 in the future. And if there’s a #3 good legendary with a pretty good mythic, such as Glacial Peaks, I can also use saved keys. Since #1 and #3 don’t happen often, I can probably spend most of my keys on #2 mythic and have a low chance of missing out on a #1 or #3 legendary.

Maybe someday I’ll regret ignoring #4 powering kingdoms if it becomes a big bottleneck on the way to PL10. But again, just opening gem/guild/glory chests in my own way should get me there eventually. Even for #1, if the legendary is fantastic but I don’t want the mythic at all, I might not spend any event keys, and just wait til it shows in a chest.

Happy to see other opinions, or corrections.

It’s depends on how many Events keys you can make in a week. If your guild can do Legendary tasks and getting you more than 100 Event keys per week, it’s worth chasing all the Legendary you’re missing. Or maybe even Mythic if your Event keys/week is much more than that.

Otherwise, chasing only a Legendary you need might be better. Also, it’s okay spending 20-50 event keys sometimes on the kingdom you don’t have all the Legendary yet, but don’t spend more if you still can’t get it. Targeting spacific Legendary from Glory/Gem/Guild keys can be hard to predicted something, but it will come soon enough.

I used all of my event keys in the last 2 weeks (around 800), but I have absolutely no regrets since I lucked out and got both Infernus and Ketras. I’d say go for it!!

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Is this team able to get through all levels in a reasonable time, for some pet colors? That would be a big plus for me. Lately I’m using a doomskull team which is slow on early levels, but my Infernus team can’t handle high levels. I don’t like to swap teams in the middle.

I supposed it depends what you consider “reasonable,” but I can hand the phone to my 7 year old with 20 minutes left and he can finish it in time, and he’s not exactly efficient with his gem management.

I’d follow what @mithran said

Ketras: no.

Yeah, I got my 3rd Ketras on Tier 2 of the shop

Thanks everyone for the advice, including those whose advice I didn’t follow. :slight_smile:

Decided ahead of time to save 300 keys for Merlantis legendary next week and maybe something after November 1. I don’t plan to use keys for most new legendaries. I spent my other 550 keys, and got…

a few arcane traitstones I need.

Not disappointed, really. When planning it out, I didn’t expect to actually get Ketras with only a 41% chance. Though as I opened the chests I did kind of expect to see it.

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Well, let’s hope that someday the devs will be free of all this hate and spite they have for Wild Plains and then maybe the other troops you got will be worth of being used… :wink:

Anyway, better luck at the new Legendary, i hope you can ascend her to Mythic with two copies! :muscle: