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Invasion (wild plains)

Hi everyone, time to share team, the choice are very limited. This week i am using this team. That suck the invasion troop is sharing ketra color.

Mountain crusher


Try the festival staff. Colors are purple/yellow and he makes red/green, plus enchants 2.


Thanks for now my team working fine but if i get trouble i will try it :slight_smile:

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The base spell damage being so low will be a pain in later levels too… Better consider some skull teams when you reach these point.

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You are right but i probably won’t reach that point since i only buy tier 5

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I’m currently using:

Cloudstalker [Ascended to Legendary, Lvl 19, ***]
Cloudstalker ^
+9 Mountain Crusher (Priest Class because levelling)

Piece of cake so far. I’m considering swapping out something for Ketras but I don’t think it’ll be as good.


I honestly only bought Tier IV and used an Ascension Orb to Mythic this troop for the following reasons:

  • I got the Orb from the Vault Event, and i didn’t even “farmed” gnomes.
  • Despite being one of worst kingdoms i still love Wild Plains and all troops are now at their max upgrade.

This week might be the worst Invasion ever, even more than Wargare one, as that week we got at least consistent Siegebreaker.

As for the team building, I use Siegebreaker/Earth’s Fury combo as usual again. With not much choice with the other 2, I choose Chief Stronghorn for strong, focus damage. I don’t have Ketras the Bull yet. (currently go glory-broke for it)

Another one is Sunweaver. She would be so great Pre-Earth’s Fury age, but right now, she is just a feeble healer, still better than the other random troops though.

This week’s invasion/raid unit is complete trash, I’m not even bothering to do the event this week because of it.
If the next raid/invasion unit is anything like this one, I won’t be doing it. I’m glad my guild doesn’t require invasion or raid. If they did I’d quit the guild.

Longhorn is a Steak House, you meant Stronghorn, who would probably end up on the menu :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m using
all the way up until 3 towers level 70 lol. Let’s see how long this can last.


Chief Stronghorn : Are you sure you want to fight, you fraglie Tower?


So, this Invasion is not as bad as I thought. I can recover just fine even after losing that feeble Cloudstalker. This is from Level 144, so it should be managable to finish all stage rewards!