Is Ketras the Bull worth event keys?

Thinking of Ketras for PVP invade, delve, and guild wars in order of importance.

Maybe Alchemist / Moneylender / Ketras / Megavore.

Current PVP invade:
Mountain Crusher / Infernus / Captain Skullbeard / Fire Bomb

Current Delve yellow/brown:
Divinia / Devoted / Infernus / Ishbaala

My mythics:
Arachnaean Weaver, Doomclaw, Draakulis, Infernus, Megavore, Pharos-Ra, War

My legendaries–everything except:
Abhorath, Gar’Nok, Queen Mab, Queen Titania, Saguaro, Sekhma, Sheggra, Umberwolf, imps.

If there’s ever a Tauros hero class, I’ll be happy to have Ketras and Ragereaver, the new siege weapon.

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I have this fun, and somewhat competitive team:

Matching red for Rock Troll buffs Ketras.
Rock Troll feeds Ketras and Emperina.
Emperina and Sunweaver are Cheerleaders for Ketras.

About event keys… I think you must evaluate it based on what else you want from each kingdom, because being very honest your chances to pull a Mythic are always bad with Event Keys. Wild Plains has some of the worst troops in the game, Ketras, Sunweaver, Minogor and Chief Stronghorn are the best you can get from it…


I don’t like to tell people how to spend their resources, that can be very individual dependent (willingness to spend money, acquisition rate, etc…). I’ll share my opinions on him instead, do with the information what you wish.

-I use my Ketras frequently personally. I use him for Pet rescue a bunch (Divinia-Ketras-Infernus-Ishbaala), and he’s also part of one of my red/green/brown GW teams (not always used there). I have a Tauros team (Soothsayer/Ketras/Stronghorn/Sunweaver) built but rarely use it except for the odd daily task, it works better on paper than practice.

-I like Yao better than Ketras for the Hellcat/Alchemist combo (or Alchemist/Moneylender), as Yao can keep the loop moving. Especially if you want to use with Megavore, Yao is a better option there as Ketras would block 2/3 colors on Megavore.

-IMO, of your mythics he’d be around 4th best, behind Infernus/Megavore/Weaver.

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Very good troop

I like Ketras, but for me he doesn’t see much use outside of GW or Divine Team when I fancy a change from Ubastet.

I wouldn’t use Event keys though as the rest of the troops from the kingdom aren’t that great.

One of my favorite troop he can 1 shot a troop and weakened others.

This is slightly the wrong question. Here’s the best one to ask for this decision:

“What do I lack that is better than Ketras the Bull?”

Ketras is a slightly-worse Ubastet or Infernus. So if you’re missing one or both of those, save up for them instead.

Ketras can’t farm souls like Pharos-Ra. So if you’re missing that, it might be a better choice.

Then there are legendaries like Divine Ishbaala or Emperor Khorvash that are the backbone of many good teams. Ketras is better with them so they’re a good choice.

But if you can’t think of something you’d rather get with Event Keys than Ketras, this is the week to spend them. I do think Ketras is on the list of “worth spending event keys for” troops.


Thanks everyone for posting your teams!

I was thinking that ascending cards isn’t game changing compared to a good mythic. But maybe that’s foolish and I should use diamonds for Ketras and event keys for Ubastet. In Pridelands I have 0 Sekhma and 2 Behemoth. Shadow-hunter and Rakshanin aren’t fully ascended either.

Of course I can try for Ketras now, but it may be a long wait for Pridelands event week. I have over 800 event keys saved, might use 500 to 700 and save some for places like Glacial Peaks or Drifting Sands to spend enough to get an unowned legendary, where I’d also be happy with the mythic. Other unowned legendaries I’d wait to get from glory and gem chests.

Is this team able to get through all levels in a reasonable time, for some pet colors? That would be a big plus for me. Lately I’m using a doomskull team which is slow on early levels, but my Infernus team can’t handle high levels. I don’t like to swap teams in the middle.

I think we won’t have any event in Pridelands this year… To help you with some decisions like this you can save the following links in you bookmarks:

A spreadsheet with spoilers for traitstones that will be on Glory packs and what will be required in future releases courtesy of Turintuor:

And a spoiler site with preview of the next upcoming troops, spell and trait details too as well as some other function, courtesy of Taran:

GoW databse site wich also provides a great database to consult with also many functions to help you, courtesy of Lyya:

I hope this helps you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good resources, @Razzagor
Taransworld also has expected drop rates (although Lyya has explained that they are not gospel, the file that contains the data is client-side but the RNG actually happens server-side).

You can input a number of keys that you intend to use to get an estimated drop chance. In this case, 800 event keys gives you a 53.62% chance at walking out with Ketras.

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Short answer - no.

Longer answer - no mythic is worth the event keys. Because event keys are so expensive/scarce and mythics are so rare from them that chasing the mythic in event keys is not a cost effective. You can do a “soft chase” if you still need other legendaries from the kingdom or even if you still need to ascend other legendaries from the kingdom. In a two legendary kingdom, you’ll generally have mythic’d both or close to it by around 500 or 600 event keys, while the chances of a base mythic from an event key are about 1/1042. Since both of these represent at least several weeks worth of event keys, even in guilds that get a lot of legendary tasks, and months for everyone else, the smart money is on using event keys for mostly targeting new legendaries that enter. And since both legendarily from Wild Plains are both, shall we say… less than desierable, I probably wouldn’t even do a “softer chase” here on even a lower level account (ie, stop at 1 copy of each legendary) unless I had resources to burn. Use your diamonds to craft specific mythics you really want. This also has the benefit of Mythics appearing about once every < two months in the soulforge, where legendaries have about five month rotation already (and both continue to bloat and get further and further apart the more get added).

As an aside, Ketras is definitely worth having as a high damage sniper and overall damage and one of the better mythics that can actually do this. There are just at least a few mythics that I’d probably want before him, and I wouldn’t target him through event keys at all because the legendaries in this kingdom are both kinda bad.


I’d have to disagree. There comes a point where players will own every legendary and most mythics except about 5 or less. Asking those players to pull them from chests on non-exclusive weeks is truly harsh and even less cost effective. The other alternative is asking them to build all 5 in the forge which sounds good on paper, but there’s no guarantee they’ll continue getting all new mythics moving forward which will move the goal post more and more as time goes by.

As long as there’s a reasonable expectation to only spend enough keys to get 1 copy of the new legendary troop every 3 weeks for awhile and aren’t pulling for anything on any other week, you’ll gradually gain enough event keys depending on how active your guild is and how active you are (tributes of glory and/or gems).

At that point, it doesn’t hurt to try for mythics as long as there’s no expectation to always obtain it. Just like any mythic, it comes down to luck. Priorities do matter though and it’s not like there’s enough keys to pull for mythics every week.

I’ve managed to get Draakulis (during Umberwolf week), Jotnar Stormshield (my only 1), Stonehammer, and 2 Elemaugrim (during Divinia week, didn’t even need them) from Event keys. The first 3 I tried for and the 2 Elemaugrims came naturally trying to mythic Divinia.


Aren’t we still in the Megavore-only stage? I don’t think Ketras will be available for at least a few more days.

I got him in invasion tier shop

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Ketras is available in the Event chests. (and Megavore isn’t)


I agree with this, however…

I agree with this, too.

As Mithran stated, specifically targeting a Mythic in event chests is not really an optimal use of event keys.

But, as TheIdleOne mentioned, if you already possess all legendary troops, you have a chance at a specific Mythic troop you do not own and have adequate resources to throw at attempts, then why not?

That being said, that feeling you get upon pulling a Mythic you do not own from event chests, and doing so with limited resource expenditure, has to be one of the few that cannot be replicated.

Seriously, I’m still glowing after getting Infernus to drop in 150 event chests a few days ago. :partying_face:

Then, again, it actually cost me gems, not event keys… precisely 2,025 gems to open three bundles of fifty event chests. So, I suppose that could be considered by some as not “limited resource expenditure.”

Totally worth it tho, imho. :slightly_smiling_face:


The worse thing about using events keys is playing the “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Minigame” a.k.a. buying Event Keys one by one in the Glory Shop…


Click 200 times for 100 event keys… Harsh. Then not having mythic. Booom.

Just waiting for @Doordash_Support to come here and post “Pay to click.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


clears throat

Ketras is a good troop.

On the topic of bull… pay for BULL beeeeeep events are not good. :wink:

EDIT: However, I would recommend forging him over trying to get him with event keys, as I typically only use those for new kingdom events to have the most chance of getting new troops.