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Here's my list, I need help building a pvp/raid team please!

Hi Everyone,

Although I’m at level 380, I’ve never really done much in the game except level up. I’m in a decent guild now and I was hoping you guys could help me put together a couple of good teams out of my list… I have many blues/greens/purples as well but here are my top players.

Arachnaen Weaver Infernal King Jotnar Storm Shield and Ketras the Bull

Amira Autumnal Imp Bunni Nog Carnex Chief Stronghorn Divine Ishbaala Ferit Forest Guardian
Gar,Noh Garuda Glitterclaw Gog&Gud Herald of Chains Hyndla Frostcrown Keberos
King High Forge King Silenus Kraken Lust Medea Moloch Queen Ysabelle Saguaro
Shadow Dragon Sylvanimora The Great Maw Silent One Twisted Hero Umberwolf

Thanks again for helping this noob out!


I think you have the troops for a nice Giant Team.

Hyndla, Jotnar and the Hero with Titan class all traited are very nice, if you have/use Skrymir the Lofty you can hold the line with the hero using any weapon capable of collecting mana faster like Mountain Crusher for example. Perhaps @Gouki could spare some time and give you a better input about building a giant team.

To build a team around Ketras the Bull i suggest:

  • Rock Troll
  • Ketras the Bull
  • Sunweaver
  • Emperina

The strategy is simple, you can fill Ketras and Emperina with Rock Troll’s spell, Emperina and Sunweaver can buff Ketras to increase his damage to kill a target and maim the others adjacent. You can also buff the Rock Troll if you need him to survive longer. If you manage to trait at least Ketras and Rock Troll you’ll have a better experience with this team, because RT will have Stoneskin and everytime you match red gems for Rock Troll you’ll increase Ketras stats, even if Rock Troll is killed, or simply changes places due effects, like Dust Devil’s spell, Ketras can still carry on the battle with his buffed stats.

The best target for Ketra’s spell are usually the second or third enemy, but i suggest you usually go for the second because you’ll deal some decent damage to the first enemy too and can finish it with skulls if you have the chance, then your next spell from Ketras can usually finish off the two last enemies that are together.

I hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Razz, I’ll give it a try!

I agree with the Giant suggestion. Here is mine:

All hail Ragnagord!!!

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Awesome thanks, what hero would you use? Titan?

Titan is the best choice, but I end up running with the wrong hero class quite a bit when leveling other classes.