Let's talk about Bull

Ketras the Bull that is.

Ketras has always been one of my favs.
I know he was kinda weak for a Mythic, but i just liked him anyways, and each week, i try to fit him in a team.
Now, he got some buff with the last patch, so, i’m wondering what people have try and done with him.
Let’s share some Bull.

Now, when looking at him, the first thing that pops is that he should be well complemented by his fellow Tauros from Wildplain, the Sunweaver. Same type, same kingdom, complementing colours, and the Sunweaver not only boost Ketras’ spell on 3 stats, it also helps him fill his mana.

But, somehow, i never managed to make it work.

I also tried a red Loop with Hellcat and Alchemist, slowly building up Ketras for a huge cast, but it was slow to play. (maybe better now if it leads to killing 3 troops)

So, my best team so far, and one i really enjoy playing, because it’s fun and different, is:

Woodland Banner (+2 green)
No synergy bonus
Ice Golem
Green Seer

Been keeping this team for months, but i gotta say, today, it got a major jump-start with the buff to Ketras Spell. Now if i could find a way to introduce a barrier to protect him…

So, how about you guys, how have you used your Bull?


He’s not weak and wasn’t before update. I think he’s not as popular because he sat in gards shadow which is still by far the most damn overpowered card in the game.


Gard is arguably my safest PVP team…but it’s soooooo slow that I rarely play it anymore. So I guess it depends how you define “powerful” in this context. In terms of “can almost always beat anything…eventually”, sure - but to be fair, most players already win most fights to begin with. In terms of “[gold|trophies|glory] per hour”, not even close.

Playing a Gard team for a while eventually made PVP a bore. I’ve been enjoying it a lot more since I’ve changed it up, and my win rate is almost the same (we’re talking something on the order of 98% instead of 99%).

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I ran him in my brown team for GW and some regular PVP. Gorgotha + Pharos + Pharos + Ketras. Used him as another execute and covering Red and Green given I have an exploder. Of course he’s nowhere near as strong as Pharos, but if he’s not been hit then he can almost OHKO something once charged. Subbed him out for Dark Troll for better synergy.

Now with extra side damage? Hmm. Might be worth looking at again…


Ketras and Jarl are best buddies, Jarl boosts and feeds him while applying “finishing touches” to Ketras’ masterful arts of destruction. Add a Drake Rider to it for additional looping, boosting and feeding if you so wish, and you have a nice core for a straightforward destructive Brown Team.


I ran Ketras as my sniper in all his GW days even before the buff, being able to do ~80 damage once he fills is really nice. And now he does half that to adjacent… :drooling_face: I use him with Pharos on Brown days, and with Gard on Red, and Kraken on Green

Actually my Brown day team is almost identical to @Shimrra’s but I have Ragnagord (with Fast) instead of the second Pharos-Ra for a quicker start.

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you could try using humility. anything humility boost is a damage for ketras.

Maybe a Staff of Visions.

  • to a skill, some mana and a barrier against Devour