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Is it possible to target Draakulis?

Wondering where to get the best bang for my buck. I realize the chances are slim but if like for them to be better than zero.

Since he is no longer exclusive in chests it’s basically a crap-shoot now. Are you Vip 5?

Should I be? I’m VIP 4 now but would probably make a purchase if it meant a better chance.

I have more luck getting mythics from Vip chests, but occasionally one will drop from glory chests.

Good luck in getting one tho, I hope that you will.

Holy crap. I opened 10 VIP keys and got nothing but legendary troops and arcane stones. :astonished:


Nice! And every epic troop and arcane stone is x2 in those chests. But they won’t necessarily be duplicates.

Yeah, I got 4 epics, 4 arcane stones, and 4 legendaries! Should have sprung for VIP 5 a long time ago.

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Draakulis has been present on “my meta” here and there…
The only time he was able to cast before being killed it was amazing how he nearly turned the tables. Hope you get your soon, but better look for his arcanes and keep them.

Yeah I have planned ahead a little…