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A complaint about mythics exclusivity

I’ve complained before about how the text explaining about Mythic exclusivity is not very clear. Now I just almost spent 2,250 hard-earned gems on VIP chests thinking Draakulis would have been gone already as the only obtainable Mythic.

Why would I think that? The news since Draakulis became available said it would last until earlier today, a few hours ago. When I was about to make the purchase, someone in my guild sent a message that I saw on the main screen telling me not to spend those gems. I asked why and they told me the prizes in VIP chests would change only tomorrow. I checked VIP chests and it says indeed that contents will change tomorrow.

But what if I had been away for a week and missed the news, and wanted to use my gems to try to get Apocalypse troops, but not Draakulis? I would’ve opened the VIP chest tab and that countdown wouldn’t mean much, since I wouldn’t know what was in the chests right now. “Maybe VIP chests change everyday”, I could think.

I’m glad I got warned, but it’s really terrible to think I could’ve kinda wasted all those gems due to misinformation, since it’s not hard to change this in order to give more transparency about what players are spending their money on, whether they paid real money or just got it in-game. The feeling I get from this is “Maybe devs don’t worry about it too much, since, worst case scenario for them, the player will just be mad and complain about it; best case scenario, they’ll replenish those wasted gems by using real money.”


moreover not a single Draakulis in all week, and i’ve used a mountain of glory and gems…sad…

Yep I almost spent my gems too. But I thought it wouldn’t change until Friday and I was right. Luck is I stoped you on time too :stuck_out_tongue:

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yep i knew it was ending today, just hoped to get at least one during the past week…

You’ll with us now, you’ll be getting a lot of gems and gems key so mythics will come don’t worry :slight_smile:

The whole exclusivity thing is daft. Blocks you from going for one you actually want. Should be a seperate chest for exclusive mythics.

love you guys!


The alternative is that they drop in new Mythics without the exclusivity, in which case it’s much harder to get whichever one you want (especially if the only one you don’t have is the latest one). I’m honestly shocked they do this.


Another alternative would be that any potential mythic drops instead drops as something you can trade directly to obtain your Mythic of choice. Especially so it wont take more overall resources to get your target mythic if you didn’t already have the massive amount needed to get it in the one week where it was exclusive. The way it is is kind of a double whammy if you happen to miss any at all - couldn’t afford the thousand of gems or keys necessary to get it on exclusive week, then your chances drop by 80% and you potentially need five times as many. Especially if more are coming every month, and especially since, unlike kingdom events, they are unlikely to be able to be targeted like that ever again.


I think they’re quite generous to give people one week to farm new Mythics at 100% chance (provided a Mythic drops). Considering how rare they’re supposed to be, I think allowing people to select one at any time from a token drop would water them down further. Kingdom-based Mythics (not the Horsemen) are targetable after their release just like Legendaries are, once their kingdom shows up as the weekly event. This problem is worsened by the fact that 4/5 Mythics are from a kingdom that will never have an event week.


If I were king of the castle:

Have all your current Mythics in inventory reduced to 4 (with souls for disenchant mailed to you)
Once you have 4 of a troop in inventory at Mythic it is removed from chests.
If a random roll would give you a specific rarity, and you have them all at Mythic 4, you get the next rarity down. If you have all lower rarities as well, you get the souls for a disenchant instead.

Also, maybe you would need to have the troop at Mythic, level 20, and all 3 traits before it is removed. That way you have a sense of “completion” for the troop. It would also give extra incentive to trait out troops you don’t necessarily need as it improves your draw of troops you are lacking.


Well, in the over 10000 of both keys and gems I’ve spent, I’ve had two total drop. Judging from the new metrics of what is going to be available to gain per week, period, I’d be lucky to get one every few months. I currently have already missed three mythics during their target weeks. I’m okay with not getting anything, but having stuff be that ridiculously rare to drop in the first place, in realms of maybe seeing one every few months, and then have it not be the one I want (or worse, a duplicate) is rather irritating. With new ones apparently coming every month, I’ll only have about a 1 drop for every three released. Also fine. What isn’t fine is if I happen to get a bunch of duplicates, and end up with none of the others. Especially the ones required for kingdoms.

And while it is a relief to hear that the kingdom mythics will be available in event chests when the targeted kingdom rolls around, if drop the ratios are the same as in gem chests, the price tag is still higher than during the initial exclusive week and you’ll get tons more stuff in the process that is utterly useless (250+ copies of the same ultra rare, etc). This is especially worrysome since, as I said, if I had the resources to get them to drop up front, it would have been a non-issue and be cheaper overall in terms of what I had to spend, with a more useful spread of other stuff gained in the process (for me, anyway, since I still have a bunch of stuff that needs ascending). This only serves to widen the gap between the very top players (many of whom will probably have stockpiled enough that the task changes will take a while to dwindle their reserves even as they continue to pull every mythic), and everyone else (including my 5 mil+ weekly donation guild, apparently still in the top 2% of the playerbase, many of whom are nearly flat broke going into the new economy and still missing several mythics, of which I am the highest level and almost always the biggest contributor, and almost certainly get the most extra gems per week from tributes) - not close it.

And before anyone says anything, no, its not the same as glory packs. Glory packs were always so cheap as to be a reward for simply playing the game at the time of release, mythics require top guild level of task turn over or months of saving for even those at near top to even attempt to get one, on average, without a total RNG asspull.

Again, totally okay with not having them and getting them at a lower rate than they come in, especially the ones not necessary for kingdom stars. Will most definitely be more than a little irritated if (when) I happen to pull a duplicate Mythic when I have to hunt for Drakkulis randomly if/when he does end up being a star bottleneck for me. What is his estimated chance of pulling him at this point on average, 1 in 25000 glory keys? 1 in 2500 gem chests? 1 in 250 VIP chests? or take the hit during the next Ghulvania event, where I already have everything else mythic, and essentially buy him straight up for… an average of 500 event keys - usually enough to mythic everything else in the kingdom even if it weren’t already, and probably ten times over for the ultra-rares? Numbers are estimates, obviously, and we all know how averages work. Hell, I could pull him in the single next glory key I spend, but that doesn’t mean I earned it (even though, currently, I’m well behind the numbers stated above in terms of drops), and it still wouldn’t feel right to me. I’d be more relieved to not be janked by the RNG than happy I got a bonus.

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Stop it please :slight_smile: Mythics should be rare… I have one lucky drop (Famine) and not even counting on another one…

I am really surprised (and kind of angry) when I saw armies like 4 apocalypse raiders or 3 x Famine + Acolyte.

You will get it eventually.

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I farmed keys and gems like crazy to obtain Draakulis…non even close to see one…generous is not the word i’d use

I used to look at legendaries like that. After a whole year of playing the game, I was still missing most legendaries.

I remember when team bonuses were introduced, and people were talking about (and using) 3 or 4 Webspinners in a team, I was honestly surprised how many people could own 3 or 4 copies of the same legendary…

I’d just like to make it clear that this topic is about transparency regarding the Mythic drops and about the conflicting and poorly written information about them. I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m saying this because, although discussions about drop rates, how rare mythics should be, if they should become unavailable after you have 4 etc. are important, I don’t want my complaint to drown in them.


OR: if you have a troop fully traited, and you get one from a chest, basically you get a version that is fully traited. So in disenchanting this version, you might get a ‘chance’ for a traitstone, promoting disenchanting anyway.
Ofcourse in this train of thought, the amount you received without having your card traited shouldnt be able to grant you stones upon disenchanting. :thinking:

There’s rare and then there’s non existent but for rng. I’ve personally dropped 5k+ gems/ keys per mythic available thus far during the week it’s exclusive for and have come up dry on all of them. I’m not proud or trying to brag either when I say I’ve gone all way up to vip9 almost as a sole result of mythic hunting during its week and have nothing to show for it. This lack of return for what I’ve put into the game needs to be addressed and soon or I’m going to cease to see the point in putting further time and resources into this game. To further put it into perspective I was also able to finish maxing out all my kingdoms from 2k gold per vip chest. I apologize if this isn’t the right place to vent my frustration on this topic but something needs to be done.