New Mythic Coming?


So with Friday the 21st approaching are we expecting to find Death work his way into the chests?

Going with the scene of 3 week intervals and the VIP chests due to change in 4 days.

Am i just eager to complete the set, or am i onto something here!


I don’t think Death will be here for another week or so.


Why not? All the signs point to it. Or do you know something that we don’t?


Nothing I know, inference from other data. Only the devs “know.”


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that in one of @Tacet videos he says that it’s a good chance a mythic will be released with the reset of the VIP chests. Can’t remember for sure, but I think it’s a possibility.

I think it’s either this week or next week. Along with the new kingdom. Some people speculate that will come out in the middle of the week and then event next week.

Both of these things might be pushed back a week or more. Pure speculation


What other data? The only data I have is there were 3 weeks between War and Famine, and 3 weeks between Famine and Plague. What reason is there for the next mythic to take longer?


In a few days, we’ll see if the trend holds.

My theory is that the new kingdom drops at chest changeover time, and it’s the new kingdom legendaries and epics that will make the chest contents change.


It can be both at the same time. They did not hold out War for Glacial Peaks.


You are right. It can be both at the same time. I believe Death is another week or so out.


you were right i would say VIP chests have been changed to 10 days now