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Is the new mythic troop going to release this week?

I’m just wondering if I should open the keys until the new mythic troop come out.
You know, this week is the new kingdom’s event week, I just want to save my keys…

Everything points to the next mythic being this week. Draak was released on Friday Sep 2nd, this Friday is Sep 30th. They’re consistent about the four weeks thing.

But VIP chests will refresh in 10 days, so, this week, probably not?

This is pure speculation, but say every troop is available in their database with a starting datetime value. Then you can calculate the chest change time by finding the earliest unreleased troop that belongs in the respective chest level.
But if the troop isn’t even in the database yet (which I wouldn’t yet have for the newest mythic), the release time isn’t available either to be taken into account.

So either it’s next week or the troop isn’t being taken into account yet on that reset timer.

VIP chests say 10 days so it should be in 10 days. VIP chests never lie ;-).

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That’s true … OK might be next week.