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Are non-featured Mythics obtainable now?

At first, I thought each of the Mythics would be obtainable only for a week.

Then last weekend I got a Plague out of a Glory chest. I didn’t think it would be possible, but I got it, no question about it. I got Death yesterday from Glory chests as well.

Now I’ve saved enough gems for 50 VIP chests (and I thank my guild for that). Is there any chance for me to get Famine or War right now? Or do I have to wait for Death’s week to be over? Also, even if those 2 are indeed obtainable, are my odds of getting Death a lot higher this week?


Not until after next Friday @MakoSipper. Death will be exclusive in glory,gem and vip chests until then.

Thanks! I’ve read that news as “Death will ONLY show in Glory, Gem and VIP chests this week” (not in Gold or Event chests).

So far each new mythic has been available for one week as an exclusive then all of them that have been released are available after that window. And, yes, in Glory, Gem, & VIP chests only.

I know there’s probably a character limit, but the wording is poor reagrding “exclusive”, I think. If A is exclusive to X, it doesn’t mean I can’t get B or C from X… it means only that you can’t get A from Y or Z.

But ok, I’ll just wait until Death’s event is over =)

Yeah, I agree. It makes it sound like he’s going to be available in other ways after this week, not that he’s the only Mythic available for the week.