Is it just me has difficult been drastically increased since the update?

Since the latest update (the move to Unity), I have been losing far more frequently than I expect, especially in PVP. I seem to be getting less mana surges, the opponent seem to get much more chaining combos of 4+ gems, and stats seem higher than they used to be.

I notice there is/are threads concerning stats on GW being different (and so much harder on PC), but the difficulty seems to have increased on ALL battles.

Or is it just me?

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Are you using gem spawners? They were nerfed really hard in how they spawn plus there is a harsher combo breaker on them to prevent infinite looping.

The way cascades and the AI work was also changed very slightly, but those two aspects are near identical to the point that it shouldn’t be causing any problems.

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It would definitely explain why one of my teams has suddenly started losing very frequently. I was using Humility & Desert troll in one team.

However, even Arena seemed much harder. I was playing it on Warlord 2 but had to drop down to Hard…

Foe PC version, there is a bug where your opponents are getting wierd amount of stat bonus. This bug boost is even more obscene if they are event troops in GW. So maybe you are running into that problem too


I’ve noticed that I’m getting less mana surges as well. Not to mention that, yes, the anti-gem spawner, artificial bad luck algorithm is appalling!

The more life bug makes sense. My teams have been playing the same, but most of my opponents seem to have 40hp and 50 armor. I figured it was me going into another pvp bracket.

I’ve had more losses in the past two weeks than I have in the last few months.

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I am seeing (imho) several artificial boosts to the AI that are making matches disturbingly unnatural:

  1. Bonestorm - many more skulls are falling now
  2. Anti Create Gems for Player but not for AI - I tried 10 matches using the same team as the AI, I got nearly 100% misfire, AI looped 10 and 20 moves.
    3a) Last AI surviving troop boost. If you team wipe and 1 troop spawns, that troop will fill and cast every other turn. Celestastia, Dragonette and TDS are especially hard to kill.
    3b) Today, 07/05/17, I am seeing this boost kick in as soon as you kill 1 AI troop. Some insane matching/looping happening today.
    Game is not recognizable to the Adobe Air version, it is a different game now with 10s of troops now useless to the player (create gems) and artificial match 4’s falling for the AI. I have had my first troop killed from falling skulls after a Spirit Fox cast, 6-8 hits in 1 turn.

I see that too. Most matches i am occupied with clearing skull matches every other turn.

That i don’t see, in my matches the AI hits gem spawn extraturns as s***y as i am. I can almost hear AI Gar’noks groaning about missing extraturns with his 22 spawned gems on a 15+ board.

Something I noticed lately is only gaining two mana from a three match. No, there’s no enemy troop with the Jinx trait, I am not deceased and not using a banner with -1 colour.

Really?? The examples you provided can either fill themselves or have a very low mana cost, I would expect them to be able to cast relatively easily…

Damn, the skull storm is real :frowning:

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Same for me, I used to had more than 80% win rate before Unity patch. Now it’s 60% with the same team ! Fully traited Gorgotha don’t survive a fight anymore.and the others are annihilated in bonestorm/gemstorm !

I hope they will fix it or at least, informe us soon because some of our guildmembers talk about stopping to play !


yes it is. without having the actual storm casted. at 4x speed, i’m having a hard time believing how easy my tank dies in 3 turns or less. turns out, they have skull after skull falling. it was too often to consider it as luck or outliers.


im not surprised when one summarises it as a “difficulty increase”:

  • enemy stats gone higher then before
  • gem spawning got reworked to players disadvantage

if thats not a difficulty increase then what is, haha


There was supposed to be more tweaking going on this week, so I’m trying to stay optimistic, but I’ve more or less been cut down to two reliable teams at this point. It’s boring, and it’s getting old in a hurry.

I’m going to totally plagiarize the GameStop slogan and say we need some “power to the players”.

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yes yes and yes

So your win rate is lower ? Get used to new normal. IMO the AI should play as good as real player and win rates should be even lower, but hey nobody like Tache ideas. I think we all agree AI make some dumb decision and make some predicable decision - yet now tweaking occur to even it a bit ? If anything match with AI should be harder and challenging. Otherwise what the point of playing if you not challenged ? No wonder everybody say they bored.

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Yes, AI should be able to win, but to win fairly without rigging the gem spawning/falling RNG.
RNG should be random. That’s why it’s called RNG. If the devs tweak it that’s cheating. Either to the players’ or to the AI’s advantage. Both are equally unfair.


there is a difference between harder and UNFAIR !!
when i have to fight with my 40hp team all the time against 80-100hp teams and ai gets allmost 4-5 more turns than you??


In the simplest of terms:

Winning a match feels good. Losing a match feels bad.

I would think the goal of any game is to provide enough “loss” for the player to drive them to want to win more, but not so much that you frustrate your players and make them stop playing.

Being pigeonholed into a tiny subset of teams to get a consistent win rate is boring. I would take a slightly lower overall win rate if it meant I could choose from 15-20 teams instead of the 2-3 I have.

New normal? Last I saw from the devs, they were still investigating and were planning to make more tweaks this week.

If the constant Bonestorm and random gem spawning heavily favoring the AI is the new normal, I can only hope that there are troops on the horizon that will counter this and swing the balance back into the player’s favor before too many players (both paying players and free players) leave.

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