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Has the AI been "Tweaked" in the last few days?

I feel that the difficulty setting or for lack of a better phrase, the “AI Luck” has been tweaked. Using my best teams I never struggle with I am seeing more cascades and “luck” than I ever have. Some matches I am seeing streaks of 20+ player moves per turn.

I have noticed this since Thursday or Friday.

It’s possible I’m just having a really bad streak but something seems way off in the game.


Carnex Vs. Psion: I blow up all skulls and 16 skulls fall down and psion steals my mana.

Wisp X 2: I cannot recreate what the AI does with 2 wisps. I played 20 matches in a row with them and I only got a few +4 matches when casted while the AI gets a +4 most of the time.

AI down to one troop: This could be any troop in the game. I’ve had a single Mercy take out my whole team with skull cascades. I couldn’t believe it.

Trolls: I had a match today where the AI forest troll had 2 greens on the board and got an extra turn…

Famine: Fills in one turn with the AI almost every time.

I feel like the game is becoming less of setting up the board because so many streaks are dropping out of nowhere.


We haven’t made any changes to the AI. :slight_smile:


I have not noticed anything. It might be your bad luck.

well that’s good to know. Hopefully I’m just having a bad streak.

This always happens, well not always but quite often, to me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Wisp seems to be a nemesis of mine now, that I tend to skip them or if in GW just Maw them to death, so satisfying.

There is no troop, more annoying than the Wisp. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::thinking:

I haven’t experienced any of the other issues you’ve presented.


The AI seems to be just as lucky as always, but now that you mention it, i have had a few matches where the last enemy alive killed my whole team. The latest it was down to 9 life, and wiped my full health team out. I couldnt get a skull match, or fill up anyone. Maybe i can remember it better after reading you say that, but its happened a few times lately.

Today, in GW, twice a enemy troop refused a skull match and went for spawning (Giant Spider) / exploding (TDS).
So yes, AI has been tweaked on PC.

And I’m ready to bet that “luck” has beed doctored too, both in terms of AI-friendly cascades, in term of me-unfriendly spawning of my looping teams and also in other ways.

AI is changed since the update

But this Al will come on console in about 5 days, right? Or do you already got it?

We already got it bro


I thought he meant only for PC and Mobile, then console later(5 days).

Yeah welcome to our console version of Gems of War we’ve had this AI bullshitting luck since the 2.0? Guild update when tasks got changed from 3 to 6 and the guild guardians came out of their graves and ripped us all a new one.

I think the AI have been changed on Pc around 3.0.6 or sg like that, a couple of months ago. Since then I’ve seen better and worse randomisation, but ultimately it’s less fun than in spring (for me of course). Eg.: in pvp after you reach the 6. or 5. level it feels like you are playing a slot machine without any effective player interaction. It just endless cascades (mostly by the ai player), and you just sit there and hope that you won’t lose somehow. The same with guild wars matches. That’s just my own experience, and I’m just lvl380, but there was definitely a change around that time.

I dont know about console, but the bugs are horrible. Impervious still gets devoured,