Is Envy in the Glory Key drop pool? [SOLVED]


So I opened about 5000 glory keys today. And got zero Envy, but about 17 or so Greed. I just wonder if Envy is in the drop pool for Glory chests, Taransite say it is. I just find it very strange that I did not manage to pull one rare Envy out of 5000 keys. Might have been unluck tho.

(I know that both troops is in the Gold keys, I already got quite a few. I just waiting spending more of them until Nightmare and last bounty troops gets in.)

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They are. I got 3 of them like 10 minutes ago using 20 glory keys.

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Thanks for the clarification! Do you play on PC/Mobile?

No, I play on Xbox, but I have gotten far less of Envy than any other sin.

A clarification from a PC/Mobile player would be nice to get at least. You see, I am 96% sure that I opened around 5000 glory keys today without getting a single Envy.

PC/Mobile player here…
Envy and the other Sins have been in the drop pool since Miraj was released. Only Barghast is not yet.

Sometimes RNGesus just says, “Nope!”

My release day recount…


Yup. I’ve also gotten some of each miraj troop from glory chests on mobile. They’re in there.

Are you envious? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Thanks for the clarification. Even if I am full of confusion really. RNG god laughed big time at me today then.