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iOS TOS violation

This is a vault key flash deal for real money. There are no drop rates listed. This is a direct violation of Apples TOS for developers.

IP2 holds players accountable for their TOS, I encourage players to report this to Apple. I am sure Android and Steam have similar requirements.


They probably weasel out of it by saying the key is for a vault battle, not a “loot chest”

I think also because it includes Gems, not just the VKs.

Not saying I support not disclosing Vault drop rates, complying with the letter but not spirit of lootbox agreements (i.e. “weaseling”), or selling lootboxes generally.


@Jonathan is correct. These offers are for in game currency with the “bonus” of loot box keys and even pets to an extent.

Yep, I see it says buy gems, get keys as a bonus.

Wait, no it doesn’t, therefore the keys are not a bonus.

These are playable loot boxes, with no way for the player to manipulate or alter the outcome of the reward. As long as you win the battle, you get random rewards. Literally like pulling a lever on a slot machine.

I bet they have a guy in their office reassuring reluctant employees

  • “It’s standard industry practise; you just worry too much.”
  • “It’s only illegal if the police are raiding our offices. I don’t see any police around here, do you?”
  • “You don’t need to compensate customers unless they come to us and repeatedly complain.”

Maybe if the company you work for spends more time, money, and effort trying to obscure its game’s rules, loot box odds, consistently trivialises or sweeps mistakes under the carpet, turns dodging the law into an Olympic sport, you’re not working for a legitimate business anymore, you’re just working for a dope slinging gambling joint only concerned with turning ‘loyal players’ into ‘loyal junkies’. :joy_cat: