Apple change rules on "randomised virtual items"

Would this include chests?

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Your answer may be in here (I haven’t read it, apologies).

I’ve seen lots of speculation about this for many of the games I play. We don’t really know enough details about how the rule will be enforced.

Generally people point to the “in-game mechanism that rewards players with “randomised virtual items” must list the odds of receiving each type of item.” and say it’s not clear.

On one end this could just mean they have to reveal the odds of getting a creature, coin, valor, gems since those are the types of things we can get. If we’re very lucky different rarity of creatures will be considered different types of items and we will get rarity percentage.

The odds are many games will just hide a second chance behind the type chance where sure you have a 5% chance of getting a X… but that X can then be either mostly junk which appears at high rates or the actual item people chase for which shows up at low rates.

I wont be happy till we get actual percentages for each individual item that can appear in the chest.

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Didn’t see that thread. My bad