iOS Guild War Attack flaw

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I’m using an iPhone 10R with no home button. The only way to toggle back and forth to discord to find and discuss the next battles is to swipe up. The swipe bar is located exactly where the attack button. Sending me into battle with the worst team for that battle. Sure I could have hit the back button first to avoid this but I didn’t. Was too busy thinking of the next battle to even consider the risk of the attack location. Please consider moving the attack button for IOS players.


This game is in general a menace to iOS players.

If I have to make a match on the top row, it’s 90% certain I’m going to pull down my notifications instead. If I have to make a match on the bottom row, it’s 90% certain I’ll pull up Control Center instead. iOS apps/games are perfectly capable of disabling those features so it doesn’t happen, but GoW doesn’t. Someone reported it 2 years ago as a bug and it never got a response.

This one’s going to get worse as more people upgrade. Devs really shouldn’t put something so close to the bottom edge of the phone anymore now that Apple’s made the bottom edge a button.


In all my years in the game, it has become blatantly obvious that iOS players are the last ones they think of when they do anything.

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