The "Guild Admin" section has no way out

Running Gems of War on a 9.7" iPad Pro with iOS version 12.2.

Since the update, I have not been able to change any admin settings for my guild. When I enter the Guild Admin section, I see 6 tabs and can navigate among them but the only button visible at the top of the screen leads to chat (top left corner). There is no ‘X’ for exit or ‘<’ for going back.

The only way out is to force exit the app and restart. This loses any changes I made while in the guild settings.

What am I missing (other than a button :slight_smile: )?

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I have a < button on my install (also iOS). I think it is weirdness on your end.

I’m hoping to narrow down the “weirdness” a little.

Same device type? Same iOS version?

oh wow yeah that’s a thing! I’m making a bug report for the team thank you!

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My iphone has the exit button.
My guildmates ipad doesnt

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I too can sympathise with your despair. I naively entered into Guild Admin almost a year ago now, when I created a new guild. While I haven’t yet found a way to escape the daily toils of running a fantasy Match-3 guild, know that you are not alone in your struggles!

My Casual PvP refresh button sometimes disappears – but my cursor can still navigate to its position and select it (I often use an Xbox controller with PC). Have you tried pressing the area where the button should be, out of curiosity?

that area doesn’t exist on the iPad Pro Jon, it’s off screen ^_^;

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@Kafka he already uninstalled and reinstalled. It’s his iPad. Kind of a pain when he’s the one who’s supposed to update this daily.

Courtesy of @Zeddicus2017
(P.S. the image is uncropped… By the player anyway)

So this has been fixed but it requires a client update so that means we won’t be able to get the fix to you until 4.5 :frowning:

it affects any device which uses a 4:3 screen resolution so only tablets.
On Android you can use your device’s back button to go back.
On iPad you must exit the game, thankfully it doesn’t take long to do that and re-enter on iOS although I get that it’s annoying and inconvenient.

I’ll add this to the known issues list.

Sorry everyone.

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4.4.5 when?

As far as I can tell, exiting the game doesn’t save changes…in task order, for example.

Can you confirm that? If so, is there a workaround to force a save?

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Mm – it sounds like to make any changes someone else will have to be promoted (or asked/required) to do the job.

Workarounds I’m currently seeing (obviously not ideal):

  • Ask a Rank 2 member to make the desired changes (they have all the necessary permissions)
  • Use a different device


It seems a little odd that state isn’t saved on backgrounding or on termination. Even without a bug, the OS could stop it due to memory pressure and cause changes to be lost.

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She said 4.5 not 4.4.5 there prob won’t be a 4.4.5