Attack Unavailable in Guild Wars on Switch

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Battles are unavailable in Day2. Under attack tab, clicking “fight” button does nothing. There are 5 empty slots, and no score for either my guild or the opposing guild. The schedule says only 7 hours left in the day, but no score for either guild. Day 1 seemed to work fine.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Attack had been unavailable since beginning of Day2. Closing and reopening the game has no effect.

Steps to make it happen again
Issue is present at all times currently.

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I think this should answer your situation, and if so, my condolences :slightly_frowning_face::

No opponents in todays GW

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Thanks! And thank you for the quick reply. Yes, unfortunately that’s what has happened. I checked and the opposing guild had zero members. Hopefully this gets patched soon.

So am I understanding correctly that I just need to use the Skip button at the end of the day to progress to the next set of matches?


Are you B 1. Guild Wars is a mess on Switch. The active guilds are in B23 while inactive ones are in B1. Kind of like I go to work but instead of paying me they decide to pay the guy that’s off work.

I think so, yes, if it doesn’t automatically roll over to the next day’s guild :slightly_smiling_face:.

This happened to one of our guilds last GW and we had to wait for the day to end and we could then use that skip button. Unfortunately that means you will loose that days war and not get rewarded with any bonus xp but I hope the rest of your Guild Wars week goes smoothly. Scope out you opponents for the rest of the week and check there aren’t anymore empty guilds to be battled.
Best of luck


Thanks for all the info and help everyone. I did have to use the Skip button, and I was able to access today’s matches. I checked, and the other Guilds look good with the exception of the opponent for the last day. Only one member in that Guild, hopefully that doesn’t become an issue…

I do like the proposed solution mentioned in that thread above. Preventing the last member from leaving/disbanding a Guild after Guild Wars has started sounds like a good idea to me. Hopefully the devs work that or something similar in soon.

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The reason this is happening is the inactive guild got put in B1 or B2 and the active ones in B23. This will continue to happen if not fixed. This guild war is basically a total mess.

Hey @Nmeno1 sorry this happened! I don’t have any news from the team on a solution for this at this stage but I’ve added your case to the issue for them