No opponents in todays GW

Platform, device version and operating system:
Mobile, android . However issue is affecting everybody in Poisonous Decay 2

Screenshot or image: screenshots of the guild war attack tab and screenshot of the guild we have been paired up against

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
_went to fight in today’s Guild war, was expecting to be able to have 5 fights against an enemy guild

  • instead, the enemy guild has no members so nobody in our guild can fight as when you press fight nothing happens

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
_It has never happened before, the guild has been able to fight for all the other days, I’ve checked and nobody in our guild has been able to fight today so I am confident it is not just my game but is in fact a problem with the pairing

Steps to make it happen again
_ I can’t make it go away!

Is there any chance you can pair us up with a guild with someone in so we can fight today please

We lost yesterdays guild war as nobody could fight an empty war and obviously we still can’t fight today. Please could someone help as its affecting the whole guild.

Thank you

I can’t help you, but this is most odd. It’s one of the more unusual bugs I can remember happening in GoW.

The empty guild had 16 members on Monday when we scoped them out, I can only imagine they all decided to leave on Thursday evening to avoid us on Friday?!!

Its even more annoying that we can’t fight today either until yesterday’s fights are battled. We won all the other days and are now loosing out on xp bonus too, :sob:

I hope they get banned for this. Really lame, and I hear that others are doing this as well, yet no one addressed this issue yet or punish anyone for this lame practice.

@Kafka and @Cyrup should make an example out of them and punish them for good.

It looks as if the guild has disbanded in the middle of guild wars.

I can only hope that your guild and any other active guild in the bracket is not stalled on progress from this.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:


Usually there is a Skip button in the top right corner instead of Register when the day is over.

It is not the first time that happens and I regret to tell you that you will have 0 points and you will not have any kind of compensation
in the worlds of gow if the game has a fault the fault is always of the player

maybe they claimed their mail gifts :laughing:


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Removing the option to disband or leave a guild during a registered guild war seems like a solution?


I like that option. Last one in a registered guild can’t leave until GW is over. :+1:


If it’s actually a result of that, I’d say it’s pretty unfair that @Hawx’s guild was affected.

Thank you all for you help and insight.

I like Gnome and Aurora’s suggestion of how it could be prevented in future by preventing the last member from leaving during a GW week. Seems a fair solution. I fully get that points can’t be estimated or given to us as compensation but knowing it wouldn’t happen again to ourselves or indeed another guild would definitely be compensation enough.

Luckily our guild banded together and managed to win the week via that skip button (thank you @noob)

Also on the dev front, those guys have a tough time keeping everyone happy but Kafka managed to take the time and inbox me on discord to say she was looking into how it happened and would update.

All in all, yes it was horribly unfair of the other guild and I do believe it was planned because we were winning the bracket but I’m grateful of all your help as it made it a bit better.

Happy gaming everyone


Hey @Hawx once again I’m incredibly sorry that happened to your Guild but I’m glad to hear it didn’t affect the outcome of the Guild Wars week for you all.

While it’s not possible for us to edit the results, I’ve made sure to bring this up with the team and we hope to have it fixed in one of the next updates (not 4.3 though), as we know how important it is that Guild Wars can’t be affected like that.

I know this was a couple of months back, but we had the same thing happen to us today. Sucks because we had a tough week and things were turning around only to not be able to fight today.

Hoping a solution is being worked on!


The Switch recently had bot accounts to fill ranked PvP until their was a sufficient number of real players.
Could a similar solution be implemented in guild wars @Kafka? Where if a guild disbands while registered for wars. That guild will be filled with 5 bot accounts right before the next wars start. Just make sure Random joins can’t join that guild after the system takes it over. (Which they shouldn’t be able to since the guild disbanded.)


Seems like this issue still isn’t fixed. My PS4 guild (Casual Spirit) is up against an empty guild (wondering knights) today. Attempting to start a battle just crashes the whole game. Error CE-34878-0

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@Kafka and @Cyrup should be able to help with this.
Maybe you could also try to make a Support ticket about this issue, @peffsi?

I don’t think this matters to the devs. Either dissolve your guild and join one that already exists in a high bracket or this is just the price you pay sometimes. GW is about stroking old guilds’ egos, not providing a true competitive environment.

lol, bracket 7 isn’t high enough!?!?
oh well, not too big a deal for my guild, we’re not super-competitive anyway… it just seems like something that should be fixed.

I will submit a support ticket if there’s no response in this thread.