Guidwars day 3 battle (Resolved)

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The other guild we are battling today went ahead in the scoring, then they took all their guild members off, so we have no one to battle!!

The guild had to be disbanded then.
I’m interested to know how support will handle this.

Yes, me too!

May be wrong but arent only the members in guild at the time of registration allowed to do the battles?

If it’s so i dont se the point of doing something like that, even if they rejoin later should count as new members and should lose the rest of gw week days…

Even tho with all i’ve read recently here lately wont be shocked if dont work like that and came out is an exploitable bug.

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The guild disbanded in the middle of wars. That’s the only way a guild could possibly have zero members.

Yes, got that, still dont see the reason someone would do smthing like that, from OP post at least look like they did on purpose to win GW today, but if to win 1 day you cant fight x the rest of gw it make no sense.

Sure a bit more info would be helpful, like, how many of them was to start with? (there was another thread about “cant fight” and came out other guilds had next to zero members)

But, the most important question – Did you win the day? :slight_smile:

Lol… There’s no guild to win anything.
I know of guilds in the top 300 that get disbanded. It happens man.

The OP can’t. There’s no defenses to face for GW. That’s why he made this report. Unless the devs fix it somehow. The OP’s guild will not only lose today’s GW battle. They will also miss out on 200-270k points his guild could of scored today for the week. Assuming that guild has 30 members.
Not every guild in his bracket faces this disbanded guild so it doesn’t even out in anyway.

Oh, I see. Sorry for not thinking forward.

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NO!! Cuz there is no one to battle! poopy!

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More and more i feel that’s a thread about nothing, doubt a 30 members guild get disbanded out of the blue, strogly doubt also op guild lost that many points, let alone that if 1 guild in your bracket is no more mean you get 1 free position at the end seen prolly the now non existant guild will be last.

But more likely that’s same kind of gw i did the little time i tried pc GoW, bracket 72 (or 74) where a couple of enemy guilds was even 1 or 2 members total (even so always did all 5 battles, didnt seen any skip button, had to fight same ppls multiple times).

Dunno also what you expect from the devs, that enforce a rule like “s**t cant happen during GW weeks and guilds arent allowed to disband for any reasonn cuz GW come before anything in the world”.

So OP, in which bracket you’re in? how many in your guild and how many on the guild fell in the bermuda triangle?

Well this thread is a bug report. So really your and my own opinion is irrelevant.
So if you don’t believe the OP then you’re really not helping the matter.

Over in xbox land, a top ten bracket one team got disbabded because guild master had hissy fit or something. Once disbanded devs cant get it back. Its gone.

Hi @sinustarsi! I’m really sorry this happened. :frowning: It looks like, as the others have said, you versed a disbanded Guild so you can’t fight them. You can “skip” this for the day. Unfortunately, I can’t return your any Guild Wars points as we can’t reimburse or estimate potential progress. We have more information on this here. Best of luck in the next Guild War day. I’m sorry, I realise this is frustrating - I’ll follow up with the team and see if there is something that can be done for these situations in the future.

No problem…thanks for getting back!

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Could you please PM me the name of the Guild?

Unfortunately its not available anymore, no worries, its not a big deal.

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