Multiple notifications are sending at once, but not accurate

Can you please restart your game and let me know if it happens over reset today? The team has pushed out a fix for this.

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Right after reset my tribute was due. I did not get a notification for it until 6 minutes later from when it was due and after I collected it already.

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Notifications are delayed again @Cyrup.
Tribute and pet alerts are not triggering on time.
Tribute was ready at 11:02 AM… Just got a notification for it.

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It looks like our external push note provider was having some problems around that time, causing that particular message to be delayed.

After some changes in the last few days, our end of things should be “ok” now. Not perfect yet, I still have some things I want to do to improve efficiency, especially around daily reset.


@CliffyA Few more things that I observe - if my settings for browser notifications and mobile notifications are different I will get mobile notification based on settings for the browser (I never had enabled tribute notifications on mobile but when I enabled them for a browser I started receiving them on mobile as well.). Also, looks like when I’m playing on PC I’m never getting any notifications… but right after I stop my activity for several minutes I get all missed notifications at once.

This may be nitpicking. But I don’t always get the tribute alert when it’s actually available. Say it’s ready at 5 pm. If I don’t pick up my phone until 5:05 pm then I won’t get an alert until then. There’s no rhyme or reason for it. Sometimes it triggers without me touching my phone. Other times it gets delayed until I do.

I can have the game running on my phone while it’s locked or GoW completely closed down. It still happens.

Does it matter if your sound is on/off? And is the delay only with tribute, and at any particular time of day? (e.g. more around night time)

The sound doesn’t matter. I don’t even unlock my phone yet. My phone senses the movement and activates the retina scan and that pushes the alert? :person_shrugging:, It’s been happening for months, at least since the tributes had a permanent fix. But I always thought it had to do with internet connection or if I left the game running when the phone went into sleep mode.
The delay is only with tributes. Pet rescues always get pushed out without an issue in that regard. And unsolicited PvP rewards, I’m unable to know if that was working correctly or not since they are essentially random. And I haven’t received a PvP alert since you told me it was fixed.
It happens day or night. One hour it could come through on time, the next hour be delayed. I literally can’t see a pattern to it. Other than there’s never an issue if I’m actively using my phone. Like if I’m in a call or a text, the alert still pushes through. But if it’s on my table locked and unused, then there could be a delay. Could have something to do with the lock on the phone? But I’m not willing to leave my phone unlocked to test. Sorry. If it matters, I use the retina scan or pin code to unlock my phone.

@Cyrup I was wrong. It delays pet rescues as well. 5:55 PM my tribute was ready to collect but I was away from my phone. The second I picked up my phone both alerts pushed through.

@Cyrup, it looks like I spoke too soon.

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A few members of the development team have taken a good look at this and we can’t see any issues occurring. On our side, everything appears to be sending and scheduling on-time. I know this isn’t fun to here but it seems like something is going awry between the game and/on your device that we can’t control :frowning:

Do you receive a lot of notifications? It might be an issue with the OS prioritising Gems of War less highly than the others.

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Nope. It’s not getting in the way of any other alerts. :person_shrugging:

What determines the time represented in the notifications? Like does the server already know my time zone? Or does it send an alert to my phone, then my phone tells it what time zone it is for me, and then that’s represented in the notification?

Depending on your answer I imagine I can trouble shoot this by setting up a browser alert on my phone for GoW right? Like the PC or console players do?
I have the developer options activated on my phone. I tried looking everywhere that could cause my OS to be at fault. And I don’t see anything related to notifications at all. :confused:

This is the most accurate description. There are also some other articles that might be of use to you here and here.

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Unfortunately, my wifi was already set to always be on.
But yeah, the second article details the exact issue I’m having. Looks like I won’t be upgrading to the 10. May be time to switch to Google Pixel. I don’t spend close to $1k on a new phone. Just to have issues with something as simple as notifications.
Thanks for the amazing help Cyrup. :grinning:

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Test failed? :grinning:

We’re looking into that. :wink:

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I don’t know if it still matters at this point. But my phone just updated to Android 9.0
Tons of graphical changes so I can only imagine what else has changed. :grimacing:

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@Cyrup will this madness end with 4.3?
Otherwise, can it at least be put on the known issues list?
It seriously makes me want to play Ranked PvP less. :roll_eyes:

What is the problem?