Multiple notifications are sending at once, but not accurate

Platform, device version and operating system:
Samsung Galaxy S9+, Android 8.0

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Notifications such as pet rescues and tribute aren’t working…right… Most likely started at weekly reset.

Working fine on PS4

Not fine

Actual time remaining


Better 15 than none :smiley:
But yeah, it’s buggy again and it’s late (that’s what she said :gun:)


30 minutes late

Just got 7000 of then

See you in a few days…


Turning it off won’t always stop it from blowing up your phone.
You’ll probably want to go into Apps, GoW, Notifications and turn it off that way.

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Tribute is broken again.
I just collected it 9 minutes ago. Afterwards my phone got numerous notifications for it.
I believe it was ready more than 10 minutes ago but I didn’t get an alert for it.

I’ve added this to known-issues, the team have been looking into the issue a little today.

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They aren’t just coming in more than once. They aren’t coming in at the right time.
It started happening right after weekly reset. Seemed to resolve it’s self before daily reset that same day.
Then about 2-3 hours ago started going wonky again.

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Tribute was collected 25 minutes ago. I didn’t get an alert when it was available 32 minutes ago.
It seems that weekly reset breaks it for a bit.

Cause currently I’m getting a notification for something that isn’t even available.

Pet rescues are no longer being alerted either. It’s like Deja Vu from last week right after reset.

I included the top section of my screen that should have a notification. I was doing ToD and did not start the PR.
31 minutes later.

I see a pattern of at least a half hour delay caused by something at weekly reset for tributes and pet alerts.

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Same situation. I also got pet alert 30 minutes later after actual start of pet rescue.

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I think that means you’re supposed to come back to the fAWRmily then. :scream_cat::grinning:
Just incase you don’t remember “the way home”. :wink:

Stopped working again a hour after I posted to my guilds that it was fixed. :roll_eyes:

I started using my alarm clocks again for tributes, notifications are still super buggy pleeease fix this devs

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Sorry, I’m a bit confused as to the notification issues you’re having @awryan… is it that

  1. Some notifications are not sending (Pet rescues)
  2. There are more multiple spamming in at once?

@slunkwolf if you are also having issues please provide some more details so we can look into it.

Both. Or the notifications are 30 minutes later then they are supposed to be.

Ok, to clear things up a bit…

  1. Notifications are received after a delay (Pet Rescue/Tribute so far) - I’ve made a report for the team who will look into it
  2. Multiple notifications send at once - This should be resolved for most cases. If you’re getting the error still it might be related to the #1.
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@Cyrup any issues seem to occur more frequently right after daily reset in terms of notifications being bugged.

My tribute was ready to be collected at least 3 minutes before this notification occurred.
The tribute prior to this worked fine.