Multiple notifications are sending at once, but not accurate


Can you please restart your game and let me know if it happens over reset today? The team has pushed out a fix for this.


Right after reset my tribute was due. I did not get a notification for it until 6 minutes later from when it was due and after I collected it already.


Notifications are delayed again @Cyrup.
Tribute and pet alerts are not triggering on time.
Tribute was ready at 11:02 AM… Just got a notification for it.


It looks like our external push note provider was having some problems around that time, causing that particular message to be delayed.

After some changes in the last few days, our end of things should be “ok” now. Not perfect yet, I still have some things I want to do to improve efficiency, especially around daily reset.


@CliffyA Few more things that I observe - if my settings for browser notifications and mobile notifications are different I will get mobile notification based on settings for the browser (I never had enabled tribute notifications on mobile but when I enabled them for a browser I started receiving them on mobile as well.). Also, looks like when I’m playing on PC I’m never getting any notifications… but right after I stop my activity for several minutes I get all missed notifications at once.