Guild Wars this week, I'm stuck after one battle

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I use PC (through Steam) and mobile (ipad and Motorola phone)

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
On day 1 of guild wars this week I was only able to fight one battle. When I click fight again, nothing happens. Now on day 2, I am still stuck on day one, I can’t progress.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This is the only time this has happened that I recall.

By the way, when I look at the other guilds, the first day guild is now empty and second day guild has 1 member, and day 3 is also empty.

since the other guild is down to 0 members you dont have an opponent to fight
You can skip that day by clicking the skip button in the top right corner


Did not know that was there… thank you.

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Hey Bluetiger, sorry that opposing Guild was empty! :frowning: Best of luck for the next Guild Wars day.

Is this happening because within the 3-4 weeks time frame. Guilds are registering for GW and then disbanding before the start of it? But essentially the system can’t unregister them?

If this is the case they should at the very least implement a system where a guild can only register shortly before the war. Sunday, say, or Monday (since there’s no battling the first day anyway).

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Or maybe the code could weed out nonexistent guilds when the brackets are put together (Sunday night reset I guess?).

My guild is very low level/bracket, so as it moves up I expect this problem to happen less frequently… and now I know how to get around it and progress through the week.

For you to verse a Guild, they must have registered for the Guild Wars. So if you are versing an empty one they may have had members leave during the war. I can see how this can ruin the day, so I’ve passed on a suggestion for a change to the team.