iOS 9 - Game crashes


Hi, I got the update, and tried opening it, and it crashes/closes. It’s in the background, and I can double-tap home, and go to it, and then it crashes again. I’ve rebooted my phone and had the same issue.


Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?

If you’re worried about losing your Hero don’t be. iCloud should remember if it’s has been turned on and if not we can always link your account so you can recover it.


What kind of iOS device are you using?


iPhone6. Just re-installing now. I was afraid to do it.


Ok, looks like that worked. Thanks. (I also did the 9.0.1 update if you’re looking for patterns if other people have the same issue.)


Glad to hear! Have fun in 1.0.7 :stuck_out_tongue: