The game crashes easily after the new update

The game crashes quite easily after the recent update.

Many times when I just concluded a battle, the game crashed before I could claim the rewards.
And it also crashes when I’m arranging the troops or opening the chests.

I wonder why’d this happen so often. Is there a solution?

Which platform is this on? Could you post more details about your device?

When the crashes happen, does the app just quit out or does it freeze up?

It’s on iOS 8. The game quit out directly every time it crashes.

What’s the actual device?

It’s iPhone 6+ :sweat:

It may be more stable if you upgrade to iOS 9, although I can’t guarantee this. It certainly should run well enough on an iPhone 6+. Would be interested to hear if anyone else is experiencing similar issues.

Sad to notice that the problem is turning to the worse. Now it’ll quit out in the middle of a battle.

Hope it’s not the last solution.

One other issue that could be causing it is low storage space. Can you check to see if it’s low on memory? If it is, you could try freeing up some space to see if it solves it.

This occasionally happens to me on my iPhone4, IOS 7.1.2 (the highest it can go on the 4). However, I already know I’m at the low end of requirements so I just suck it up.

On the plus side, so far I’ve been able to get into the game on every first try, before 1.0.9, it would take several tries to do so.

Well, I deleted and reinstalled the game. It seems that it’s working better.