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Game crashing after wins

iOS, iPhone 12

I’m the last month or so my game crashes constantly after a win, losing me either sigils, prizes or in the case of delves, an entire chest of goods!!! It’s frustrating!!!

Maybe one in 5-10 games will crash after I win a battle and the app restarts.

All I have to do is win a game and it will likely happen again.


This is a known problem. It was reported with screenshots and I provided feedback that it is not related to other running Apps or iOS version to @OminousGMan months ago, but he’s just sat on it. The reason I feel this game is not truly playable on iPhone(s). I’m surprised it hasn’t yet been removed from the App store.

I also referred to this bug in a different thread to @Kafka yesterday.

The only thing I’ve done to try and limit it is avoid the hourly tribute ticking over while I’m in a battle. It isn’t full-proof but it does seem to reduce the crashes. Oh, and for GW or Delves, I’ll generally wait until I can play on PC/Steam as that has no issue at all.