[Investigating] Weird stand still

Is anyone else experiencing this little stand still picture of the board after winning the fight? Appears after the loading balls stop rolling and before going to the victory screen. Lasts only for a second or two. Not a biggie, but in gw it got me scared that the game crashed, now getting used to it…


The same problem on switch in guild wars!

Yes, I’ve noticed this brief “hiccup” as well, between the screen that shows the victory rewards and whatever comes after that. It’s irritating, but if this is the biggest problem we have we’re pretty blessed.

True, they did a great job with the update as there are no big issues, let’s hope the weekend goes well too!

Yeah, brief freezes after every battle here too.


Yeah, I got this as well.

Not bothering me as much as the broken split screen feature but it’s still weird.

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Hey all,

Currently keeping an eye on this one, to see if it is linked to an influx of people jumping on as there were some degraded performance warnings the past couple of days since the update was released or if it is something else!

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I experienced micro freezes in treasure hunt after every couple of moves. Especially after 4+ matches.

I’ve been seeing the brief end-of-battle freeze at all times of day, not just during “Servers are degraded”.


If this was a “server volume” thing, you’d probably expect to see that brief hiccup in spots other than that one place just after a battle. It being in that one place and only in that one place suggests an inefficiency of some sort in the code wherein the game is trying to call some function at that spot.


FWIW, I only get the pause when I’m playing on my Amazon tablet. The Steam version of the game doesn’t have the problem at all. Also, the pause is just a pause where nothing happens for two seconds. There isn’t any “working” animation like when the game is contacting the servers, so it’s probably not a load issue.

It’s not a server issue.

It’s a weird end of match issue that’s related to certain devices.

I don’t see it at all on my Samsung S+21
But on my Samsung S7 it happens about 1 in 5 matches.

Never happened before, 100% related to the newest patch.

Anyone on ios having the same problem?

Hey just jumping in here again.

If anyone is still experiencing this, as a precaution (if you haven’t already) go into your in-game Settings > Graphics and download all assets again.
Normally this would affect the battle loading screen as opposed to the Victory screen, but worth checking off just in case!

Also would affect some devices compared to others if you are playing across two, as one may not have certain assets the other has downloaded.

Downloaded the assets to both my phone and tablet, both are android devices, but it didn’t help me :grimacing:

This stand still after victory logo hasn’t been cured yet. Android user here, still waiting for fix on this :frowning:


I have on PS4 also this problem from time to time and like @terberos said in GW Im pretty unhappy if this happens coz it has delivered me several times in past a crash and so a lost in GW so its still there this weekend in Palooza a few times knowing that in palooza always the game loads slower :frowning:

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