Battles getting stuck!

There is nothing you can do but reset . This freakin bug is killing us in GW :unamused:

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Stuck and crashing, make GWs so frustrating.

I hate having to hope that the other guilds are having just as many bugs as we are to balance it out. Nothing like having a “won” match lost.

After Unity is launched on mobile, I’ll be writing support for every crash and disconnect. I know the Adobe Air version is basically unsupported right now.

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@Sirrian @Saltypatra @Ozball This glitch is killing us in GW . we had like 4 or 5 losses today because of this glitch

After perfect first five days of GW, I am frozen in a GW battle. This is maddening. IOS Iphone 6 .
I am ready to give up on this game.

Very strange SS. Have never seen anything like it before. All his troops are dead except his hero that has full life and armor. Ure also using an AoE team and only your first troll has 4 mana. Was you only up against one troop and the frozen happened early?

Yes, early in battle. The gems literally stopped cascading during battle.

That must have hurt. The match was already won before it had started. What Guild are you from and which guild are you up against?

I am in Anonymous and that was only loss for week. Not only does it lower rank for next week, it makes it hard to compete vs other top guilds we are fighting for top weekly rank. A bunch of our members have been getting bugs like this. I feel like I pitched a no hitter and during last at bat, 0-2 count and strike out pitch on way, Frozen ball in mid air and I get charged with a hit and our team loses the game and series . Sounds fair to me…

@Tatooie What guild were you up against today? Just Curious.

One troop defense? Wasn’t that fixed?

Apparently not in GW. It has already happened on several occasions. Each time we have warned the guild to which we were opposed that day and their player changed their teams. But in the meantime we had had several losses.

It is probably more a bug than intentional because it was always the paragon or a player of a high level.
We have just been told that the person who had the Crude club today had set a 4 troops defense team and sees a 4 troops defense team when he check the “Schedule” screen. With no hero.
so it might be even worse that the problem of the defense team changing by itself that sometimes occur.

I am not sure, but it seems that the people who get freezed are mobile players.

Thx @Aelthwyn for the info