[Investigating] Update Fail

Anyone else having trouble updating to Halloween? My phone has an error, saying to restart game that won’t clear. My iPad gets up to halfway updated and just…stops. Restarting game or device does not help.

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Some of my guildmates on Xbox are also having trouble with it

Hey there, the team are working on it now, we’ve been updating the 6.6 Patch notes threads as we go tonight.


Any idea on an ETA when this issue will be fixed?

Still can’t get the game to load on iPad. Starts downloading assets and freezes. Guess the bug fixes are taking a while? No idea on an ETA? Anyone else have any ideas?

At least you don’t get a headache from the red flashes

Doesn’t work for me eithet, extremely frustrating as it is a vault weekend😠

The 6.6 version is not available on Amazon. What’s the idea of releasing a new version during a vault weekend when the last release took at least 2 days before being made available on Amazon.

Amazon isn’t a factor for me. Just wondering about the fix.

I’m sure you are working on it, but I am also having the same issue. I am on iOS and the game will not load at all now. It gets half way through “Loading assets” and locks up.

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@CraftyJaguar @Reudaly Try turning on airplane mode for a couple of seconds then turning it off you should get an error message hit ok then it should load if not I don’t know what to do.(more info needed)- tower of doom issues

I ended up completely uninstalling the game and reinstalling it and that fixed it.

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Ok good glad you got it fixed.

That didn’t work on the just freezing during downloading assets.

Uninstalling shouldn’t have to be a “fix”.

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But it did work…so far