Problem with the shop?


Anyone else having problems getting info the shop? Looks like there might be a problem. The skulls are spinning endlessly giving another yet ominous meaning to this weeks theme. :smile:


Nope, everything works fine for me. I can’t believe there ARE bugs I don’t experience. :smile_cat:


I’m having the same issue on my iPhone 6/iOS 9.1 beta. Though I’m running beta, this problem only began for me with this week’s update.


I’m playing on my computer, that might be a phone-related issue then.


That must be it, @Omcfarlane. I am running 9.1 beta on my iPad. That sucks, because now we will have to wait until the next update for either GoW or iOS. :smile:


Everything is fine for me on PC as well.
Also, thanks for the easy and quick victory @MarvelKit. After all those Jarls it was very appreciated.


ah! You stumbled upon my ‘defense’? :stuck_out_tongue:
And this means I get to defeat you now, right? Hah!


Oh no! Web Spinner… :smile:


Should be Kerberos…

man, you had me worried for a moment


This is not what I saw. I made a screen shot from the last two troops… It was Webspinner/Hero/Goblin Shaman/Valkyrie…


But I wasn’t invading… I was defending, does that make the difference? Perhaps @CrowdedWorlds or @Sirrian can say something about that?


And just to make sure, this is what you saw when you invaded, right?


That is what I saw. Correct.
What you faced was my attack setup.

fun facts: when I change defenders, they also become my default attackers. Is there some weird link we aren’t aware of between attackers and defenders?
Or is it simply that on a defense match you face the opposing attackers as you chase them down when they leave your kingdom?


Apparently that is the case. And now that you mention it, I noticed too that I have to select a different banner (the one with my attack team) after changing the defenders.

Still, I think it is all a bit confusing, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be better to make the banners actually only defend the kingdom to which they belong? Of course this would mean having to change the line-up all the time, since I want my defence team to be weak enough to make sure I loose every invade. But I wouldn’t mind, because it would me more clear what I am defending, with what and what the kingdom/banner bonuses are. Or am I missing something here?


Also I’ve noticed that if I change kingdoms, my new defender line-up is always matching my current attacking one…


Quite funny. “Hey, were all dead, but we’re coming to get you anyway.” Has a very Monty Python feeling to it. :smile:


Sign me up for beta testing!


To clarify, this only happened with the latest event, and you have been on iOS9 for previous events?


The first time I noticed this was Mon around 1AM EST. I was going to buy a map and then the endless loading screen. I have to force quit afterwards to resume functionality. Everything else seems to be working fine.


I was on iOS 9 beta before and never experienced any problem. It seems the combination of the first public beta of iOS 9.1 and the last update with the weekly reset has broken things. :slight_smile: