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New 2.0 issue? halp

So here’s a new one…well two actually.

Last night I switched to my mobile from pc (I have them linked) and when I got there my team #5 who I had been using most often as my main on the pc was not there, just blank. Which meant that after a number of battles when I went into to check my defenders it was blank as well. So was I being attacked and giving away auto-victories? Dunno.
EDIT: Ozball is more savvy at forumness than me and found this is known.

Issue #2 - I was doing storyline and fighting a very tough battle. My Maw had already devoured, and then suddenly for some reason started collecting yellow mana again, which prevented me from boosting my sunweaver like normal. I thought maybe I was glitched and would get to devour again - free victory - but that wasn’t the case. Maw’s powered up image appeared again… but when I clicked cast there was nothing there.

So essentially, Maw siphoned my yellow (one of my higher buffed/quicker matches) and I lost the fight because I couldn’t build sunweaver as fast/like I normally do. :frowning:

Ps - apologies if this is a repost/miscategorized/already covered elsewhere.

The first one seems to be tied to a bug where mobile versions are not downloading the latest teams for the account. Mine is still stuck with level 120 locked, even though I’m level 140ish now. And it occasionally updates the account from the mobile when you play on it, which then overwrites your more recent teams.

The second I don’t know much about, seems odd O.o if you can get it to happen again maybe try to get a video of it for the dev team to look at?

Thx @Ozball - I just saw mention of the first one on the 2.0 issues thread, so yeah maybe that one’s solved.

Yeah they’re aware of it:

Not sure about your second though though. Has it only happened the one time?

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Yeah, it only happened last night to me and then I was angry so I just went to bed.

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