[Known issue] 6.6 Not Yet Available on Amazon

The update hasn’t reached Amazon yet. Just in case you hadn’t noticed. I’m not sure why this keeps going wrong, but it’s irritating.

It said in the patch notes that it wasn’t updated yet. They must still be waiting on client approval from Amazon.

Thanks. I didn’t notice that last line.

That being said, patch timing doesn’t really matter for Switch, since that platform is on its own schedule. But for Amazon, these snafus are really annoying because we get blocked from the game for a day, or two – or a week – while the devs figure things out.

You should only roll out patches when you can release them for all platforms at the same time.

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Yeah this Halloween event is starting on Monday, if the patch isn’t there by then, Amazon users will lose the daily sigils. Hope the update comes through over the weekend.

They try their best to do it. But unfortunately in this case Halloween is 10 days away. So the holiday update wouldn’t make a lot of sense to sit on because Amazon is being difficult.

If they didn’t wait then Android would always be the first to get patches because Google doesn’t care.

So it’s Saturday, and the patch still isn’t available. What are the odds somebody here or at Amazon is working to get everything squared away? Probably pretty low, which means at best the gnome weekend is a lost cause, and at worst the patch won’t be out before the Halloween event starts. Some sort of update here would be nice.

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That’s what frustrate me the most, vault weekend lost because of this bloody update, I hope there will be a very generous compensation for the players who were deprived of it.

There is a work around if you have a newer Fire tablet. Download the Google Play store and install the game from there. That way you don’t have to wait for Amazon which could take, well, Amazon held up a book release for over a month so… Not ideal, but you can play the game on your Fire. Hope this helps someone. The instructions to download Google Play are available on the web. My copy is still updating but this should work. Unless my lousy luck extends to this. (Got 4 purple dragons in a row. If that’s not bad luck I don’t know what is!)

Edited to add: Except for not downloading all the additional resources (whatever they are), the program works great. And the downloading is probably more on my IP than anything else. I did notice that the screen seems to be cut off a little, but not something that would interfere with playing the game.