6.6 Update: Lost Souls of Carmina


  • Holiday Events are a new type of event with a 2 week duration, to celebrate various holidays throughout the year.
  • Holiday Events contain a series of battles in a kingdom.
  • Players get up to 3 Holiday Battles each day that they can use to play battles during the event.
    • Holiday Battles work similar to Delve Attempts so any unused battles (below the 3 free battles) do not carry over to the next day. (e.g. If a player has 1/3 battles remaining at daily reset, the event will reset it to 3 Battles, and the unused battle is not carried over).
    • Holiday Battles have a soft cap of 3. However, purchasing more Holiday Battles allows players to exceed this cap. Players will not lose any Holiday Battles that exceed the cap. (E.g. If a player purchases Holiday battles so the number of battles is 6/3 then at Daily reset they will continue to have 6/3 Holiday Battles).
    • Players can purchase more Holiday Battles via Gems from the Event Shop (more information below).
    • Holiday Battle attempts will reset to 3 attempts at daily reset (7am GMT) each day.
  • The battles start at Tier I, and every 5 battles (win or lose) the player will be given the choice to increase or decrease the Tier.
    • Battle Levels at Tier I will be 10-19, and will increase by +10 every Tier.
    • Battles at Tier I will reward +20 Event Currency (more information below), and that will increase by +1 every Tier
  • Players are restricted to using a single color for the Troops and Weapons they can take into Holiday events battles (similar to Tower of Doom).
  • The Holiday Event is accessed from the Game Menu, and is split into 3 tabs: Overview, Fight, and Event Shop.
  • On the Holiday-Fight Tab, players will have 3 battles to choose from, whose teams are each built from an Epic, Legendary, or Mythic Troop in the Holiday Event Kingdom.
  • Each battle has an independent randomly-chosen level within the level range based on the Player’s current Tier in the event.
  • After completing a battle (win or lose), 3 new battles will be generated to choose between.
  • Each Holiday Event has a currency unique to that event. For example, the first Halloween Event, the “Lost Souls of Carmina” will reward “Lost Souls” as its currency. These are only useful within their event, and will be lost at the end of the event.
  • Players can spend the Event Currency they earn from an Holiday Event in the Holiday-Shop Tab. Some of the rewards there can be purchased more than once.
    • New Legendary Troop
    • New Pet: This Pet will give Skill Point bonus to the Legendary Troop.
    • New Armor Set: This is a new cosmetic armor set.
    • Traitstones: Get Traitstones to fully trait the new Legendary Troop
    • Pet Food: Get enough Pet Food to fully level the new Pet
    • Orb of Power
  • The New Legendary Troop will go into chests 4-5 weeks after the Holiday Event ends.
  • The new Pet will be available from Pet Gnomes immediately.
  • These items may be different for future Holiday Events.
  • As previously mentioned players can spend gems to purchase a Holiday Battles Bundle with 3 additional Holiday Battles. This bundle can be purchased multiple times, each time costing 50 Gems more than the previous time. The bundle’s cost will reset at daily reset.

Our first Holiday Event, The Lost Souls of Carmina, will begin at Weekly Reset on October 24th for Halloween.

We have 2 new Achievements for this update:

  • Holiday Hero: Earn 100 Currency in a single Holiday Event
  • Power Unlimited: Earn a Orb of Power from a Holiday Event

  • We have updated Unity to fix some issues, such as crashes, that were affecting some platforms like Android.
  • We have added help text popup support to resources used in Soulforge recipes, so players can now look at the help text for that resource.
  • We have added Dragonite and Cursed Runes to the Jewel popup in the Soulforge Menu.
  • We have added the Jewel popup button to the Dungeon Menu, so players are able to view their current amounts there.
  • We have improved the Dungeon Offers so players can interact anywhere on the offer in order to purchase it. It now has a help button on the offer if players wish to view the help text.
  • We have changed Dungeon Doors so that when a door is opened, the animation resolves before the next door can be opened.
  • We have changed the Dungeon Door selection to be more noticeable for players using controllers.
  • We have added a new Heroic Gem for a future Campaign.

  • We have fixed an issue where Troop filters from World Events would sometimes continue to apply even when looking in the Troop menu from the world map.
  • We have fixed an issue where Lamia’s spell would not give her Mana if an enemy died, when her target was the 4th Troop.
  • We have fixed an issue where selecting the “Do Task” button on a re-rolled “Win any Battle” campaign task would not seem to do anything.
  • We have fixed an issue where encountering a battlecrasher for the first time in a battle would display the Treasure Gnome Tutorial Text.
  • We have fixed a visual issue on Switch where the Currency text would overlap on the purchase button of a Tiered Flash Offer.
  • We have fixed an issue where Heroic Gems were causing a soft-lock when matched in a 4-match and then casting a targeting Troop spell.
  • We have fixed a text issue in the Kingdom Menu when the Kingdom was Level 20.
  • We have fixed a text issue on Switch where the description of the Daily Deal offer in the Dungeon menu was overlapping with the display of the cost.
  • We have fixed a visual issue in Tower of Doom where the “Use Scroll” number was overlapping with the text on the button.
  • We have fixed an issue where the Dungeon would display as complete after daily reset despite no battles being completed.
  • We have fixed an issue where damage would not be displayed when a Giant Gem exploded a skull.
  • We have fixed an issue where the Pet Rescue alert for Moist Owlette was displaying Gray Malkin.
  • We have fixed an issue where players would get a Token Mismatch Error when attempting to reset their Password.
  • We have fixed an issue where players would be able to purchase one-time purchase packs or bundles multiple times by interacting with the offer multiple times before purchases were resolved.
  • We have fixed an issue where Dispond’s Legendary Trait would ignore Mana Drain immunity.
  • We have fixed an issue where Troops could be summoned and gain the traits of the decreased Troops from the same team slot.
  • We have fixed some screen resolution display issues where your Gem count would appear partially off screen in Dungeons, or the Settings + Game Speed buttons were going off screen for some devices.
  • We have fixed an issue where opening multiple doors in succession in Dungeons can cause an error message to appear.
  • We have fixed an assortment of smaller issues.

This update is coming to all platforms except Amazon and Switch who will be receiving it at a later date.


I read that as the animation resolves fully before the next door is clickable. Maybe someone who hasn’t done the dungeon yet can check.


You are correct. Just tried this.

@covertmuffin123 is correct, the game now requires the animation to resolve before you can open another door.
Just to prevent multiple doors from being clicked in quick succession, which was causing some issues.

I’ll edit that line in the patch notes to clarify this!

Thanks for the “blue squares” in Dungeon UI :smile:

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Dungeon shop is displaying correctly now. Dungeon main screen still isn’t.
All I can tell, is my dungeon level is 1?. Would have to calculate back from the shards value to tell the exact number.

[Edit: Screenie]


Appreciate it. I did my daily Dungeons already so I couldn’t test it.

@Jerry_the_skunk are you playing a custom screen resolution?

I had the same issue you just showed with a custom size, but I have changed my resolution to one of the standard resolution in-game and it has since resolved itself.
This is 1176 x 664

Nope, regular 1024x768.
And as I said, gems in the shop are showing fine now. It’s the level number, that is still broken. Added a screenshot up there.


And yet another set of PQ3 functionality finds its way over into GoW.

Just a smidge more than coincidental at this point. Just saying. :thinking:

Having an issue with the screen resolution display on iPad - I cannot access the settings cog in the battle screen so I’m not able to view surge stats and retreat. Plain as day on the iPhone though.

At this point, they’ll probably copy/paste everything over to GoW. Beats coming up with new ideas.

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It works with your resolution (1176 x 664)

This also works

It doesn’t work with 1024x768

This works with both resolutions (screenshot with 1024x768)


The first one ought to be easy so long as one logs in to play the event. But the second trophy/achievement? Sounds to me like another of those unnecessary time-sinks to pad the amount of time we spend playing. To those of us who have been playing for a while, Orbs of Power are pretty common and pretty useless if you’ve crafted the troops that require them already.

If this is going to be a thing, could we please get something new and useful to do with those Orbs? Or for most of the others that are gathering dust in our inventories?


Is my memory playing a trick on me or the Zhul’Kari art was updated? Is that a bug?

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Has anyone on Xbox gotten the update yet? I’m not seeing it.

I was doing a couple of challenges while I had a few minutes to kill after my game finished updating and I thought the same thing. I could swear that the Spider Queen I met in one of those battles had a different-looking background, enough so that I paused and took a closer look to make sure exactly what troop I was facing as it didn’t seem like anything I was used to seeing.

You are right.
On Switch it’s still an older artwork with way less blue but grey and no door inside the tree. Also slightly different artwork at all.
I’m too lazy to upload a pic from switch atm :wink:

The artwork is similar as the 5th pic in the guild menu for the background.

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Hi @Jeto, are we still getting the Broken Spire Kingdom Rework Update?

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This is huge (if true). Thank you for finally fixing this issue.