[Not a bug] Foxglove not available to craft

Throwing a screenshot of the official announcement in here, for context:

The Kingdom Pass ended about a month ago.


Thanks, mate. :slight_smile:

There is usually some time between when troops and weapons are first available and when they are craftable or available in key chests. That might be the case with this weapon.

Then again, there’s a clear announcement that Foxglove WILL be available for crafting. We’ve been told repeatedly we shouldn’t believe in any datamined information or word-of-mouth about when something might be available or not. Instead, we are supposed to trust official word like the one above. Let’s wait and see how much weight this official word really carries, or if this will get handwaved away as yet another unfortunate miscommunication that is really, really working as intended.


True, but it doesn’t give a date or time.

They probably forgot to put it in the Soulforge, TBH.

Isn’t that happening for years? Like in Hellcrag and Nexus.


Very rude of them to mark it “not a bug” with zero explanation!


I’m following up on this report so I can provide an explanation.

In the meantime, please remember to keep it constructive. I know you’re frustrated but it’s important. Thanks everyone

If we read that the weapon should be in the soulforge and you say that isn’t a bug, that make what was posted a lie, after this conclusion becomes harder to be constructive.


Thanks for reporting. I guess we did become a bit immune from reporting. The serious players still might be reporting via Beta servers or through those who are in Beta.

Hey again,

So unfortunately, this is a miscommunication. As you all know new content is generally available 4-5 weeks after the event it was released in and during the next event week for the same Kingdom.

In this case we wanted to release v6.9 before the next Campaign started (and we had already delayed the start of the Campaign at that point), but we needed to have the Vulpacea event week due to scheduling/content pipeline reasons.

So where we normally would have tried to avoid having another Vulpacea event week so soon, we now have one and not enough time has passed for the Weapon to be released into the Soulforge.

I will talk to the team again about wording on the blog.
I’ll also ask about having more concrete release dates for things that we can share and see what I can do.

Sorry everyone as I know this wasn’t the answer you were hoping for.


Yes yes yes. The leaders require that guild wars be scheduled at the worst possible times. Delaying Vulpaceas Raid event week would of prevented 4 concurrent events from happening (Holiday, Guild Wars, Raids, and Invasion) plus a new update at the same time. Couldn’t have that.


The kingdom pass event was running from 2023-02-20 to 2023-03-26. The current Vulpacea week is 5 weeks after the event ended.

What IS enough time, then? By your words above, the weapon SHOULD be in the forge right now. The community even asked about this a whole week ahead, in this feedback thread, to prevent yet another case of

The author even pinged the whole staff to make sure this couldn’t possibly escape attention. And it was still left to escalate in the most unprofessional handling possible.

I’m not sure I understand your answer. You seem to be suggesting that your official announcements are mostly a work of fiction that should just be taken as light entertainment. And that your company has lost control over turning it into useful information.


Maybe i missed it but why can’t something be added to the soulforge at any time? Regardless of the status quo?

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And even so, the announcement made no mention of the 4-to-5-week interval. Per the text of the announcement it should be available now; it isn’t.

The correct response to this is not a bunch of “too bad, nothing we can do” equivocation about schedules and campaigns and releases; it is “sorry, we messed up, and we will make it available in the Soulforge next week.”


Thank you developers, you keep giving me reasons to not spend real money in this game

Actually, its been 4 weeks. This week we are in currently is the 5th week.

It’s too soon, as I said was probably the case earlier.

Your attitude seems very entitled. The devs don’t owe you anything. You should maybe consider not demanding things, as if they do. It’s not a good look.

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I beleieve Kafka said 4-5 weeks in a previous comment. Also i think in the part you have quoted, it also states this current week is the 5th week. I get confused easily though.

The usual timeframe for troops from weekly events is

3-4 weeks (which for the weekly events has actually always just been 4 weeks from the announcement / start of the event, and 3 weeks from the end, almost like clockwork – some things seem to have manual slip ups, recently).

The only troop releases that have “4-5 weeks” listed are Holiday Event Legendaries and Legends Reborn pets – why the recent increase, I can’t say:

However both of these are still in contention and haven’t really been resolved:

Per Fourdottwoone’s post, there have been 4 full weeks between the end of the Vulpacea Kingdom Pass and the start of this week’s event.

Please communicate this very strongly with the planning / programming teams. It sounds like they don’t believe it is important to give you the correct information on release times, or in a timely fashion either. That needs to change.


I’m sorry Foxglove wasn’t available in the Soulforge last week. I’ve spoken to the team about tht s well as the communication around the release dates of new content.