[Investigating] The emperor is nowhere to be found

Nintendo switch.
The emperor is nowhere to be found.

Many players in my guild and others have reported not finding the Emperor card even after opening over 500 keys. There seems to be a bug in the ratio. Could you please release the fix as soon as possible? Thanks in advance!

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You see these posts all the time not a bug this is how RNG works. Cedric has a chance to drop a troop instead of other rewards sometimes you get the one you are after sometimes you get one of the gnomes or other tarot cards and the list is getting much longer so dropping 500 keys and not getting the troop you are hunting for is not at all unexpected. It would be nice if they made some changes to stop getting vault troops you have more than 4 mythic copies of but they have increased the amount of keys you get with the GaP even on vault weekends so likely that is their solution.


This was the state of affairs in December 2021: there may be a couple extra troops further diluting the pool since :sweat_smile:

Pretty sure this table came from the forums, but I lack the corresponding link
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This bug report is for the Switch platform, they are very far behind the release schedule. They just received Vernalis about a week ago, which got released on PC/Mobile in June last year. I’m not sure how their Vault loot table currently looks but there might be a whole lot less in there, making the absence of The Emperor (and other tarot cards) pretty suspicious.


Yeah I know when the emperor came out In had to burn 400 keys to finally get it lol

But still, multiple players each spending 500+ keys without any success? If that’s not quite a bit exaggerated it would have to be a truly phenomenal streak of bad luck.


And plenty of Sun and heart of rage have been reported but no Emperor.

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So it’s only The Emperor missing? Maybe he’s not been added to chests yet, when did the Leonine Crown campaign end? Unfortunately they don’t seem to post any official announcements in this forum in regards to the campaigns running on Switch.

Did they release the news saying it is now in the soulforge? I do not check the switch news posts much but they always post in those when the tarot cards are added to the vault drop table. So far I have not seen there be any issues with them posting them there on release or being incorrect when they do post them.

seems it was posted a while back

Leonine Crown campaign was ended 2 weeks ago. And Emperor has been announced of course. In game.

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It’s been well over 2 weeks then! Thanks for your help, let’s wait and see what the devs have to say about it. Ratio bug? Or announcement bug? There must be an issue !

Try asking in the games general chat to see if anyone has gotten it. The switch community is not well represented on the forums so it is unlikely that you will hear much about if or when players have gotten it here at least not as fast as you might in the game. Typically when there is an issue we would have heard about it immediately after release was announced as that is when the majority of us try to get the tarot cards the fact that it has been a month since release and this is the first time anyone here has mentioned the emperor not being in vaults lends itself to my theory it is just the fact the vaults have terrible troop drop rates. So many gnomes etc you can get in its place so the chance for one specific troop only Cedric can possibly drop has always been low. You are much more likely to get another Cedric troop or a random gnome you won’t care about instead.

As @havok6669 points out, it is pointless having expectations of preferred outcomes when it comes to non corrective RNG as used in this game. Every key has the same chance of giving you ‘x’ as every key beforehand and every key afterwards. It can take a mountain of keys for some and a handful for others. The vault is notoriously unpredictable because its meant to be. But yes mythic cedric x 4 should remove it from the drop pool. Just get used to having zero optimism and eventually you will get what you seek without getting wound up about bad luck along the way.

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That’s nice of you. But how is it possible that the entire community is so unlucky as to have nothing?

Was everyone so unlucky? The release date for the emperor was on march 7th on the switch platform. In my experience when people need a tarot card from the vault they immediately start opening the keys that day trying to get it. I know there are not as many switch players on the forums but typically it would take much less than over a month before it was raised as an issue if nobody had gotten copies of it previously. I do not own a switch to check in the in game chat but have you confirmed that nobody has indeed gotten a single copy on switch? Multiple people spending 500 or more keys is for sure bad luck but also still within expected RNG results. I am not saying it is impossible that it was somehow not in fact added GoW is well known for bugs and errors in coding. This is the first post about the issue on the forums and we do tend to see these with every tarot release and then players confirm they have in fact been unlucky and others have gotten copies. Having been over a month since release date for The Emperor on switch without a previous report is suspicious.

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Its important to not assume everything works perfectly on Gems of War. We’ve had cases in the past where mythics were unavailable in Event Chests during Event weeks and the players were fortunate at that point to have tools to see that they weren’t despite the dev’s insistence they were. (Yasmine’s Chosen, Pharos Ra).

This reminds me heavily of the original release of Heart of Rage (non-Switch). The devs insisted it was in the drop pool when basically every player was stating it wasn’t. I’m sure you would have been defending the devs there too. Heart of Rage drop rate was eventually adjusted and made not to be consumed when making Enraged Kurandara.

The first step is confirming if anyone has found one yet in the drop pool and unfortunately the devs aren’t very nice when it comes to guinea pigs.


That’s why I keep urging to check in the switch community in general chat as it had been a month and nobody else reported it. I am not defending the devs I mentioned quite clearly that they mess up a lot with coding. I am also saying that players frequently all the time claim I had bad RNG thus things are broken when others are not having any issue and it just RNG being RNG. A month after release seems like a long time for switch players to wait before making a report if it truly was hitting everyone on switch.


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Why is there still not a way to check what is in chests and the exact chances that links directly to whatever hands out the drops? Why, in 2022, do players still have to guess if something is on a drop pool?

Granted, you’d still have to take that with a grain of salt until it has been proven to be accurate (looking at you delve chest drop rates). But trust in a system could be built over time. This should have been done years ago, when the in game drop rates were first displayed. People would still be blindsided when they expected something to be in chests and didn’t bother checking, but giving the player the proper in-game resources to at least check. Note that when one official source contradicts another (ie., explanation of the mythic exclusive period on all external and in-game sources vs how event keys also confirm to mythic exclusives if an only if the exclusive mythic is in the event key pool, and any instance where something will be in chests in “3-4 weeks” and isn’t in there by week 5), some kind of recompense is probably still going to be expected, but the number of affected players and how much they are affected will drop dramatically, which is just a win/win.

Devs, please take an official stance that something is or isn’t in a chest ahead of time, then do the right thing if it is not as advertised. A system like this free of human hands is way less error prone on a week to week basis until something not considered by the system is introduced. And for the inevitable mistake where something is scheduled to go in chests but doesn’t at least give players a chance a recourse to protect themselves. Hell, this has happened enough over the years you should really have an automated tool for this (oops, x wasn’t in chests, we’ll run a sweep for everyone that opened chests during that period and directly comp their accounts with the average number of copies they would have pulled), and manual reimbursement through support tickets on an individual basis, which you really don’t seem to have the infrastructure for, should be reserved for extreme edge cases such as a missing or errant mythic.

This stands whether or not Emperor is actually in chests Vault Keys right now on Switch at the correct rate. Players shouldn’t have to guess, and players also shouldn’t have to give the benefit of the doubt when this has been such a pervasive issue up to and INCLUDING the current year, and the level of proof required to take action in some cases requires months or years worth of data gathering when we are looking at something so intentionally rare that only comes from a rare resource. Nor should devs expect players to just accept “yep, its in there, working as intended” after the fact, considering the history, especially if they’ve been personally burned. Make a better system.


It really would be nice if they would at least respond to these threads in a timely manner to let people know or like you said be transparent with drop rates for things like the vault. But as you will see from things like the constant issues with campaign weapon releases always being late even with the paying customers they do not seem to show much care or attention it is hard to expect they will do much better for the non paying customers as well.