[Investigating] Does "The Emperor" exist?

[Switch Version]
I just opened 450 vault keys, and didn’t get a single tarot card. Are they bugged?

Same thing in our guild. Hundreds of keys wasted for a lot of people. I think you can switch your post in the bug-report category… Let’s hope the dev will have a suitable solution for that… Lots of bugs these days…

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Switch, right? On PC/Mobile the drop rate was initially set to something around 1:10000. It took a huge community effort to analyze and document that in detail, prior to that the devs were swearing on the bible that everything was working exactly as intended. It got corrected to roughly 1:100, Switch is about a year behind, so you might as well have inherited the old loot table.

They have a well established solution for that, it involves a lot of absence. Good luck.


Fourdottwoone, thank you for your feedback. Draegor can you switch your post in the bug-report category? Or we open a new one? The dev will not respond if not the good category. Thanks

I don’t think players can change the category, you’ll likely have to open a new thread.

They don’t really respond often anywhere else either, but I guess it can’t hurt to try. You’ll want to back this one up with some numbers, otherwise it won’t even get looked at. That part about “hundreds of keys wasted for a lot of people”, how many keys in total? If it’s less than 1000, get in contact with other Switch players for more data. The community manager team will probably wave away even higher numbers as just “bad luck”, we originally needed way more than 10k recorded samples to get this passed on.


Can @Jeto or @OminousGMan confirm the rates or that the Emperor is available?

I’m hearing that the devs are saying it isn’t even there and will need an update before us Switch users can get it.

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Bug report here:

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Opened another 300 keys. Got The Sun but still no emperor. Other guildies are reporting about 800 keys total and the same result. Its bugged.

For Nintendo Switch?

Ppl here are talking about they cant find Emperor playing Nintendo Switch.