Hall of Shame: Emperorgate

So, to recap the latest loot table fiasco:

1.) Mar 7 2022: The Emperor is announced to have been added to the Vault on Switch (Overdue Books (Nintendo Switch)).
2.) Mar 9 2022: Players have no way to check the loot table, they have to trust in what Infinity Plus Two claims. Many players spend their vault keys, not a single one pulls The Emperor. A bug report is opened, asking whether The Emperor is really available as announced ([Investigating] Does "The Emperor" exist?).
3.) Apr 11 2022: For a whole month a lot more players waste their vault keys, not a single one pulls The Emperor. The bug report only gets set to “Investigating” and left to rot, there is no communication. A new bug report is opened, because Infinity Plus Two seems to have zero intentions to ever visit the first one again ([Investigating] The emperor is nowhere to be found).
4.) Apr 20 2022: For another week more players waste their vault keys, not a single one pulls The Emperor. The bug report once again only gets set to “Investigating”, there is no communication. Finally one player reports having found The Emperor, so there seem to have been some ninja-changes to the loot table on server side ([Investigating] The emperor is nowhere to be found - #27 by LameName).
5.) Apr 22 2022: Still radio silence from Infinity Plus Two.

Predictions, either a or b, based on how this was handled on multiple occasions in the past:
a.) Infinity Plus Two will wait for all related vault logs to get auto-deleted, then close the bug reports as resolved and say they unfortunately can’t compensate anything because they no longer have any logs.
b.) The bug reports will stay in status “Investigating” forever, the whole incident will get stonewalled.

Reminder: The next loot box issue is currently scheduled to happen on May 6, 2022. Going by past incidents, Infinity Plus Two will likely once again modify event chests to be inferior to what their in-game ads and official loot box documentation promises.


To add to this, it is still unclear if a few people who have received it have gotten lucky or if it is actually fixed.

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They can do this since there are no consequences.
“Oh we messed it up and you wasted your keys!? Though luck, move on.”
They do not provide the drop chances so they can manipulate the loot tables all the time and probably do.
For example when King Oberron was released I spent 400 event keys to get him. Got 1 copy, while I got 20 copies total of the other 3 legendaries.

These kind of posts are nice to went steam and warn other forum readers, but will not change anything.

After the weavergate we learnt how it works, so warn your guild, hope for the best.

Did the Moon have the same issue on PC/xbox/ps4/android?

Interesting question (I’m on PC):
I spent 190 vk yesterday to get The Fool and got at least one copy of Heart of Rage and every tarot card - except The Moon :thinking:

I can’t say if it’s available right now but I got 7 mythic copies so it was at least available already.

I got 3x the moon in ~550 vault keys, which is how long it took to get a copy of the lovers… it’s in the drop table in PC/Mobile

He isni the drop table

But yeah rng sucks.


i got one today by doing 1 vault battle

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I have all the tarot cards except the fool who i just need to go get. Just adding to your data not flexing