[Investigating] Huntmaster Arborius is not pasted using team code

Android, pixel 4a, Android version 13

Working fine on Windows/Steam.
Are you sure you have unlocked him via the shop?

Yes, he is mythic in my collection.

Restart helps.


Context: Huntmaster Arborius is a just-released troop, the event captain for this week’s Journey event.

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Okay, so “fixed by a restart” bugs are often tricky. Here are some of the ways this might get resolved:

  • A developer could look at the code for pasting teams. They might be able to figure out the issue even without having steps-to-reproduce, or at least help us narrow down what the issue could be.
  • A developer could add more specific messages when rejecting pasted troops: “not owned”, “not enough copies”, “does not meet event requirements”. Then, if this happens again, we can see which message is displayed and that could help narrow down which piece of code is incorrectly rejecting the pasted troop.
  • Players can try to guess the steps/conditions, perform experiments, and reply with their findings. (Consider capturing a video of the whole session when doing this.)

And here are some wild guesses as to what conditions might be relevant for triggering the bug:

  • It might matter when you last restarted the game — before the late Sunday data push, before the early Monday reset, or after both.
  • It might matter whether you previously tried to paste this team before having acquired the troop.
  • It might matter what you did or didn’t do with the troop (level up, ascend / ascend all / ascend with orb, trait, recruited to a team, brought into battle).
  • It might matter how you acquired the troop, such as whether you purchased the “tiers 1-6 plus chaos orb” package.

Thank you so much for your thorough reply :heart: