[Investigating] Horizontal Banding on Map screen

I’ve been playing this game for several years and have never noticed this before today
There is a light banding about 20% from the bottom and 20% from the top of the screen
but it only appears on the map screen
Although the top is much harder to make out
it doesn’t seem to be effected by quality or blur settings in the graphics settings
I run at 2560x1080 and I would say the bands are approximately 25 pixels wide
its most obvious when scrolling and looking in the water or in the desert between leonis empire and drifting sands.

I thought maybe it could be an artifact from a “local dimming” type issue but that doesn’t make since as the band is still present in windows mode at half resolution. In fact the vertical band moves with the window in window mode so its shouldn’t be a monitor issue at all. Even so I have still tried it with multiple monitors Also changing the refresh rate had no effect on the banding

Windows 10, AMD 5950x Nvidia 3070ti 32GB Ram

Hello :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, on my current screen I am unable to see the “light banding” that you have mentioned.

In the meantime as a workaround, I can suggest perhaps changing the graphics settings lower or playing Gems of War in a different screen resolution! (I’d suggest 1920 x 1080)

Thank you for your understanding :slight_smile:

Hello again :slight_smile:

Just in case that this is the issue that you’re discussing: (If it is, please confirm for me)

There’s a black gradient at the bottom of the screen on the world map that cuts off instead of fading out. In this case, it would just be the gradient visually cutting out rather than outright “banding?”

No, there’s definitely a correct linear gradient in that screenshot – by adjusting the color contrast we get:

This may be a simple visual phenomena / optical illusion where when a color suddenly switches from one gradient to another (in this case, linear to flat) the eye perceives a phantom highlight that isn’t technically there – e.g:


Yes, that’s a simple linear gradient from A to B (you can zoom in to verify individual pixels if you want) but there nonetheless seems to be visible “edges” at each end.

More rogue gradients (where the popup overlaps ‘Gloom Leaf’) - happens with every dungeon popup:

Also notice the wrong z-order of ‘Dungeon Battles’ and its background vis-a-vis the row of icons above it, ‘Dungeon Offers’ incl. background vis-a-vis dungeon level icon.