Tiny vertical lines can appear on the edge between squares on the 8x8 board layout

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC, Steam client, Game:, OS: Win 7x64 SP1

Screenshot or image:
Provided one example.


What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When I play any game mode, except for maybe the Treasure Hunt mode (I am not 100% sure), I get this occasional visual problem with the vertical lines appearing out of nowhere on the Board at random edges of each square.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It can happen quite commonly or rarely, it depends. It started happening since the 4.2 Update.
I am playing at x3 or x4 speed, and it appears, then stays there until I make a new move, or until the board changes. It never disappears on a still board without making a move to change the Gem layout.
It’s hard to tell if some spell effects cause this or remove this visual effect.

Steps to make it happen again:

  • Play Gems of War (Example: Try some random Explore game mode with x4 speed)
  • Wait until you spot an issue. (Average time estimate: 10-20 minutes.)
    (GPU settings were not manually configured, updated or en/forced in any way.)
    The issue keeps happening with the default GPU settings, and en/forced ones.

Hey, thanks for letting us know about this, what screen resolution do you have on your monitor?
What resolution is the game set to in the game settings?
Are you playing in full screen mode?

I always play all games in full-screen mode with native (Full HD) desktop resolution - 1920x1080 on 60 Hertz.
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster BX2450.

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Thanks we’ll look into it

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I just experienced the same:

It happened while exploring Glacial Peaks and I saw, that it happens the same with Koromac too.

So maybe it have something to do with the background of this kingdom or so.

I’ve seen this happen as well. Just never reported it since it’s so minor, but it’s definitely there and has been there prior to 4.2

It seems to me that it tends to appear after playing for a significant amount of time (2+ hours). Once it starts to appear, it tends to stay around until restarting the game. I play this on Steam, Windows 8.1, graphics all maxed out (though I play in windowed version, and not full screen).

I don’t think that the background of the Kingdom has anything to do with it, but, who knows.
I am getting this issue on a daily basis, and I take a screenshot each time that I see it.

It’s annoying at best.

I can definitely confirm that Maiq is no liar! The issue is real and should be addressed. :grin:

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Correct, it’s not to do with the Kingdom :slight_smile:

We’re looking into it, but as it’s a very minor issue it’s not at the top of the priority list so it may be a while.

We definitely appreciate you reporting this though as we don’t want these minor issues in game either.

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