Inventory - Total Amount of Traitstones Required/Troops using said Traitstone


Hi fellow Gem Warriors, not sure if this has been raised but I would like a view in the Hero Inventory tab which tells me how many Traitstones I need in total to fully trait all available in game troops (Inc hero class.) I can obtain this info from the awesome gowdb website but would rather have the info in game. While I’m here I guess it would also be useful if you click on the Traitstone and it brings up all troops who use said Traitstone, or a Traitstone filter in the troop screen…


It’s not in-game, but if you sign up for an account at and link your in-game account to it, you can get a list like this.

One thing that threw me for a loop: the traitstone counts decrease as you use them. So let’s say you have 31/100 Arcanes of some flavor, and spend 30 to trait some troop. The display will now say 1/70, because now that you’ve traited the troop you don’t need to spend those 30 again.


This you’ve got (more or less), select the two colors, click “all colors” and apply the filter. For two-color arcanes, it will bring up every troop that uses them, but this doesn’t work well for single-color troops or mythics. Still, about 80% or so.