Looking for a database that displays all the Traitstones currently in game

As per title, is there any database that keeps track of the total amount of Traitstones required to trait every single troop as of today?
I know of gowdb but it only displays what I have left, I however want to know the current total.

An t account can work (on gowdb) or else you can see some of the information you care about at http://gowdb.com/extras/traitstones (though this is for arcanes only and doesn’t show total counts atm).

An empty account?

Sorry, “alt,” yes.

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I whipped this up. I haven’t pored over it to triple-check it’s only the released troops, but it’s the same thing I use for the other pages I’ve been making and I haven’t found issues for a couple of months now.


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Ugh I realized this morning that’s not really complete: I don’t consider hero classes. Working on that today.

OK! Now as far as I know it is tallying all released hero classes and troops. I could toss unreleased ones in there, but they don’t always have trait information and it’s also subject to change, so it’s tricky to work with.