Invasion Weekend: Rogue

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Returning Invasion Troop: Red Charlotte Red Charlotte has returned to lead Rogues during this weekend’s Invasion. You can get her from the Event shop during this event. New Weapon: King’s Dagger This weekend it will be available in both the Event shop, and in the Soulforge. Please note that some of the Social Collectibles that…


Guild Wars, Tower of Doom, Invasion, Legends Reborn (Sunday)

Adventure Board, Kingdom Pass, Dungeons

Arena, Factions

Pet Rescues

Maybe… just maybe might have overdid it with the active events/activites at the same time?


Too many events in the same week. Listen, learn.


My eyes are starting to hurt… must… play…more…

The only way the Powers That Be are liable to learn is if people stop playing as much. So long as they can get you to keep running on that treadmill, they’ll assume that the player base is okay with this stuff. But if large swaths of that player base stop playing certain events, that’s more likely to send the message you’d like to them.

And for all we know, the large swaths of the player base that we’d call “casuals” and who don’t visit these boards (let alone post here) may not play many of those events. This really could be a “Gems of War 1st world issue” that the active players on the higher end of the curve complain about but doesn’t even register with people who play a couple of battles per day or week.


So much this! The battle crasher grind is my bridge too far.


I don’t see people playing Arena events and yet nothing has been adjusted.

At this point, if it doesn’t break the game, the feature gets ignored and categorized as working as intended.

Unfortunately, so many things are constantly broken in this game now that…


Sometimes I suspect, that “free” games constantly increase the time requirements, so that players are not able to play other games and maybe stay there and leave their money with them.
Can’t try out the competition, if you’re tied up 24 hours a day.

Never saw so many struggle to complete all the Invasion portals prior to this.
As it turns out folks will prioritize individual events over Guild Events.

Thanks Devs for doing everything and anything to ruin team aspects of the game. :+1:

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