Invasion Weekend: Human

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Returning Invasion Troop: General Suladin General Suladin has returned to lead Humans during this weekend’s Invasion. You can get him from the Event shop during this event. New Weapon: Mortal Chain This weekend it will be available in both the Event shop, and in the Soulforge. Please note that some of the Social Collectibles that…

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The event shift is here!

I was happy to find a good use of Common Game Warden this weekend. The troop is very good for it rarity.

Also somehow forget Holiday Tower is a thing, along with Halloween and Easter. :sweat_smile:

Didn’t forget Leonis Tower though, I will always remember it for messing with my Zuul’Goth offense team in GW. Lol.

Speaking of that, kinda hope all special tower variants are available to craft, would be fun to collect and use.

For the recipe, I would say, a few Mythic Ingots with The Star tarot? It will be Urskaya troop like the background suggested, or maybe move it to Glacial Peaks.

As for the other...

None of the available tarot is fitting right now, so maybe there can be other crafting recipe? But if you want to stick to the theme, it would be…

Halloween Tower = Epic Ingot + Death (Ghulvania)
Easter Tower = Rare Ingot + The Hermit? (Pan’s Vale)
Raven Tower = rare drop in Vault to dilute the pool farther? :crazy_face: (also belong in Vault like Valraven)

Also, unrelated, I want a Fortune Teller Gnome to solve the too-many-tarot problem. She will alway drop random tarot card, big plus if she give some fun prediction too!

Please include that right after Librarian Gnome who drop deed book. :laughing: