Invasion Weekend: Fey

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Returning Invasion Troop: Old Man Oakroot Old Man Oakroot has returned to lead the Fey during this weekend’s Invasion. You can get him from the Event shop during this event. New Weapon: Faery Ring This weekend it will be available in both the Event shop, and in the Soulforge.


They must have pulled an all nighter coming up with what the new weapon effect would be. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe so but it’s a decent weapon nonetheless. I have a Fey team where this will slot in nicely.

We’re up to about a hundred mixed weapons now.

I’m tired of them. The only time we get unique weapons now is from delves. No more class weapons, and the last one was utter trash. Tower of Doom weapons are all junk compared to the first set.

The hammer type weapon set we’re currently on aren’t useless. Useful, no, but not useless.

Used less than the doomskull converters. But not useless.:wink:

Does anyone know how many members need buy tier 4 to get all rewards? Assuming all others buy tier 3?

We need in total 4500 towers for the invasion event

divided by 30 guild members = 150 / member (average)

I bought to tier 4 and got VERY lucky with ravens, spawning 3 of them from the last 5 initial sigils.
I am now at 120 towers. Plus, potentially 48 more in the next 2 days - assuming I get the 4 sigils/day + 1 raven / day —> total by the end of the event = 168

Tier 3 brings you to about 76-84 plus the ~48 ones in the next 2 days —> 124 (going with the bad luck approach here)


124 x + 168 y = 4500
x + y = 30 (assuming you have a full guild)

x = 12 players to tier 3
y = 18 players to tier 4 (rounded up)

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On average you get about 1 valraven per 2 sigils. So 4 sigils and 2 valravens a day, or 8 sigils a day, or 64 towers in the next 2 days

Most of my guildmates got 148 towers with tier 3, and 192 with tier 4 last invasion. Solving for x and y you get 28 tier 3 and 2 tier 4

Factoring in bad valraven luck it would be about 26 tier 3 and 4 tier 4