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Changes to Invasion!

As some of you may have noticed, there isn’t a new Siegebreaker being released this week! This is because we are making some changes to Invasion. We will be introducing a new weekly event that takes the place of Invasions, and should provide more variety!

However, this doesn’t mean that Invasions are going away. Instead, we will be moving them to a weekend event roughly every 5-6 weeks. (When they DO move to a weekend event, some rewards/goals will be scaled down to reflect the fact the event is only 3 days long.)

Will there be new Siegebreakers, I hear you ask?

At this time we don’t have any plans for new invasion troops, but we haven’t ruled out adding new ones in the future.

I can’t say anything about the new events just yet, but I hope this helps fill things in regarding Invasions!


I hope this means newer players will have a chance to buy old siegebreakers/weapons they might have missed. If so, I like this move a lot!


Just one question: will the new invasions stay as guild events? Or are they becoming solo events, like bounties?


Salty teased that she had some news to reveal during a stream, which might be poorly received by the player base. This doesn’t sound bad at all, so now I am wondering what the news was she had in mind. Maybe it was just that the Lyrasza legendary wasn’t going to be changed to be better?

Edit: or this was the news, and Salty’s tease was some sort of Xanatos gambit to trick us into being relieved by the lack of actual bad news???

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Yes, that’s the question. If the former, Invasions will become the first weekend guild event (as if guilds won’t have usual weekly events like Raid Boss, Tower of Doom, Guild Wars…). Very possibly it will be the latter, but then it will require prizes and shop totally reworked.

And soon the same fate will reach the Raid Boss - only 5 kingdoms do not have boss slayers yet.

Can you tell us the changes to orb drop rate from this??

Will it net us more major overall? or will we just have this as new solo event that can give minor orbs, and a new guild event to repalce invasions that gives a major??

Personally I wouldn’t have minded if Raid was the one to get the weekend demotion, but I’m not sure if invasions will be exciting enough unless they do include older weapons. If that’s the case, then at least others can benefit from it.

For this new event, as long as this new event is closer to invasions or doom, I’m willing to give it a shot.

Also, the only controversy here is you didn’t say this was towerible news.


I have a couple answers…

  • These will still be Guild Events, they will not become Solo Events.
  • Relevant Siegebreakers will be available in the Invasion Shop. And they will also be available in keys.

I’m assuming the rewards will be reworked to accomodate for the change in event duration? 16 fewer Sigils, less time for players to compete in the event.

Regardless, I’m surprised. This is definitely a great solution that keeps Siegebreakers relevant while leaving space for something new. I assume Raid Boss will someday assume the same fate. Maybe Guild Wars will as well, depending on the landscape?

Nothing but praise for this announcement. Really excited to see what the new weeklong mode is like.


I second Eric’s excitement, but I’m wary at the use of “troops” – I hope that doesn’t exclude weapons being re-sold for gems. Some of the old event weapons are invaluable, so the more ways available to the player to acquire them, the better, even if these weekends end up being fairly infrequent.

I also find myself wondering what the average player’s gem expenditure is going to have to be to unlock all rewards (assuming full participation from all 30 with no wasted sigils or missed birds)…

Willing to spend more gems if there are rewards to match --excited to, even! But if it’s destined to be the same buy-in for less stuff (and–frequently–growth orbs :laughing:), I’ll end up playing free sigils only, probably, which would still be fun but sadder for the missed opportunity


I also hope the current schedule will remain - a new faction every 5 weeks. Not 6 nor 7.

Just re-pitching (from this week’s event thread) my desire to be able to purchase Event Shop items separately – Sigils, Potions, Siegebreakers, Weapons.


Thanks for clarifying.

I agree, even if both events are somewhat very similar the towers are less boring to fight. And the devs added some holiday towers recently and now these are somewhat less relevant. But… Zuul’Bunny for Easter could be a thing, I’m sure Sheba would agree with this if she still visited the forum.


This is not going to go well for me. I purposely did not commit to gow to be daily. Weekly has to be good enough. I could theoretically skip 4 days in a row and as long as i hit day 1 and day 6, i can do all guild reqs. To make a guild event that pops up for 3 days is going to force me to either restructure or commit to something I’d rather not do. I like that guild events were weekly and personal events(that i could skip) were the short ones.


Hard to say, given that the stream was plagued with technical difficulties (that were NOT the fault of I+2).

Things that I quickly remember from the stream:

– Madness Storm seems potent. Looked like a full strength blue + full strength purple storm at once. Scary stuff, when you think about the implications on both teams in a match for a significantly bi-color board, especially when the combo breaker kicks in.

– “Old” events appear destined to be moved to weekend events once all relevant troops to that event have been released. I’m looking at you, Raid Mode.

– For the first time, “4.9” was momentarily name dropped. Too many technical difficulties with 4.8 that planned content outside of the event were pushed back to a new update? Salty also seemed to imply that there wasn’t going to be a 4.8 beta.

– Even though she was playing on Beta, Salty was still on hardcore lockdown about anything 4.8 related, especially about the event type that is replacing Invasions in the weekly rotation.


Unless something changed one of the questions answered previously on a stream said it would be 2 colors with the same combined drop rate as a single storm.


can we expect to see all generic weapon “create a mix of x and y gems based on race” being released after the change or some race will not get them?

It didn’t look like it to me, but the sample size on stream was low so RNG could have been a factor there.

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I can’t really form an opinion of this because I know it’s going to swing one of two ways:

  1. A lower-key event that’s completable in a reasonable amount of time.
  2. An event that requires significant weekend investment to the extent I’d have to change plans to facilitate it.

If it’s more (2) than (1) then it stinks, and there’s going to be another big riot.

I didn’t mention rewards above because I don’t think reward distribution is as polarized as the time investment. We’ll definitely get fewer rewards from weekend invasions, but we are also getting a brand-new event to replace week-long invasions. In theory, it should balance out.

My cynical belief is what will happen is Mithran will crunch the numbers and draw a big red circle showing we are expected to play more time for fewer rewards in the new structure. However, a team of forum rogues will infest every thread and loudly insist everything’s perfect and they have more resources than ever and that Mithran is a dumb liar because who trusts math? They’ll antagonize and harass anyone who dares question the devs for 3-4 weeks, when the topic quietly passes off the first page.

One often wonders why people work so hard against their own best interests.

Anyway so I know my opinion will be it smells fishy, but until I see (1) or (2) I don’t know how fishy.


It is entirely possible it was changed, the info I was told was incorrect, or it could always be a bug as well. I admittedly wasnt watching much since I was trying to play at that point.

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